ByWendy Bostic Anderson, writer at

Zoom can phase thru time no cosmic wheel he may have went to the future or maybe the past. Follow me just a idea....he found bart allen stole his speed force and maybe thats who is in the mask or barrys dad from another earth that was the flash. We saw it as they travelled. But before that he went in the past met vandal savage took. Velocity6,7,8 and is dying fast. Hints the need for more speed force. But thats a reach. Or idea 2. Its jay garrick. Who has lied a number of times kept things to himself from everyone. Barry didnt trust him at 1st. Now. Listen. 2 things we all remember speedster can make mirror images of themselves what if thats what jay was doing when he showed Caitlyn hunter zoloman. Caitlyn was looking for his dopple couldn't find him. But jay did. How would he know he was adopted. And had another name. Then when he stopped the earthquake guy. Suddenly he was tired and Caitlyn called him he never came. Jay blamed wells for creating him and zoom (one in the same) jay can or maybe zoom. And i think wally west has the truth. Lol.


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