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I have wrote here at Moviepilot for about 8 months now and I have gathered lots of views and support on everything I have published. I am ready to move onto the next stage of my career with my own YouTube channel. I have created it with my close friend Tim Coventry along with a lot of my other friends as crew, guests, and so on. We have created a YouTube channel where we talk about the world of movies! Check out our first video below:

Our main segment will be 'The Weekly Hutt', as you can see above. This will be a weekly show where we will run down the hottest movie topics of the week. Beyond that, we will do movie reviews, top 10's, trailer breakdowns, and many other fun videos. I am open to any suggestions from you guys at Moviepilot. One thing is I need all of your help to help me get started! So please watch the video, like, and subscribe and I will really appreciate it! I am always open for supporting all of you guys also if you guys ever need help.

In the video above, we talked about a lot of cool stuff like Deadpool's success, if Batman v Superman will flop, Zoolander 2's flop, and the crappy Transformer movies slated for the future. It's a good discussion, let me your thoughts!

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