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Vuk Mihailovic Takimoto


Last night on The Flash we were treated to something we were waiting for since the trailers showed it - got to spend more time with the mysterious iron-masked man in Zoom's lair (he's a bad guy - I'm calling it a lair). And the word, or rather, name, that this guy spelled out got me thinking.

J - A - Y.

Now there are already a few fan theories that he was spelling out his own name and trying to let Barry-1 and Jessie know that the person they know as Jay Garrick is an imposter. But what if we combined this with the speculation about who Zoom is?

Jay Garrick (for this purpose we'll use his name) has already let some major facts come to light. First, that he was addicted to the speed force, that he did everything he could to get faster. Sound like someone else we know from this season? Second, his Earth-1 doppelganger has the same name as Professor Zoom in the comics, Hunter Zolomon.

If the iron-masked man is, indeed, Jay Garrick, then that would raise the question of who the guy we know as Jay is. Well what if Hunter Zolomon is his real name? And what if he is, also, Zoom?

That is unlikely. If you watch the show, you'd know that there were some situation when Zoom and Jay both had people near them, so either one sneaking away to pose as his supposed alter-ego would be nigh impossible.

But hear me out.

We had time travel last season. We have parallel realities this season. Why not combine them?

The guy we've met as Jay Garrick and who might be Hunter Zolomon could be ZOOM BEFORE HE BECAME ZOOM.

Future "Jay Garrick" of Earth-2 gains enough speed to travel back in time far enough to meet his younger villainous self, who is only starting out. They plot the whole thing together, capture the Earth-2 Flash (the real Jay Garrick), and let the younger version pose as the hero of Central City-2. All because the older Hunter Zolomon wants another shot at stealing the Speed Force of Earth-1 Flash. Because, being from the future, he would remember a time the breaches between two Earths were open, and, more importantly, he would remember not getting Barry-1 Speed Force when he had the chance.

There you go, motivation, means and identity. All this is speculation, of course.


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