ByMarko Portuondo, writer at
Marko Portuondo

"Deadpool" broke some box office records this weekend. It became the highest opening for an R rated movie making $138 million becoming the highest grossing opening weekend for a February release film beating last years "Fifty Shades of Grey" which made $92 million last year at the box office opening weekend. It's a surprising it made this much money because since it's Rated R and a lot of kids can't watch it, it was expected to make around $85-90 million this weekend but completely surpassed that. The reason why this movie made money is because of the marketing. The marketing for this movie is probably the best marketing campaign EVER and it's gotten positive word of mouth. I loved "Deadpool". I've already seen twice. On Thursday and then on Saturday. I saw the movie with my friend in IMAX on Thursday and the theater was packed. If you guys don't know "Deadpool" is Rated R: "Strong Bloody Violence, Language Throughout, Sexual Content and Graphic Nudity". I Definitely recommend you see this and see it in IMAX. But don't take your kids to see it.


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