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What happened with twd
Konor Levengood

Well we all known what happened in twd

So im here to Explain What happened in AMC the walking dead.

During the Beginning of the show the saviors take everything from Abraham Sasha And Daryl.Daryl Had the rocket launcher they blew up the saviors (from this point on I call them the s) So the s get blown up from Daryl,but there was a car at the top right you could see as soon as the s get blown up coincidence i think not. I think Neegan was in that car and will findout that Daryl had killed them so sh** will start to get real during the finale of walking dead of season 6 and through season 7 possibly season 8.Carl lost his eye which means they could bring a new character which might be Lydia (I hate her) but i doubt that she would be a character in the show.Rick goes crazy as soon as they get him in the Medical area which then starts a walker killing spree,but then every one else started coming out (Michonne Aaron Carol and Morgan).Glenn and Enid went to the church to find weapons but only find one gun with a full magazine in it.In which Enid Saves Maggie and Glenn was put up to death again but Abraham and Sasha Save him.


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