ByMac McCord, writer at
Mac McCord

To those who think American Horror Story:Hotel, is vile I would simply say, please do not watch it. It is not a children's show and if you think it is then you have other issues to deal with. No one ever gave you and other so-called 'watch-dog' groups the authority to police what the public can read, hear or watch. Censorship, by any other name, is still censorship. Perhaps you and your puritanical cronies would feel more comfortable in a country that has strict laws based on their fundamentalist religion, say, like Iran or Iraq. Leave people in this country alone to exercise the freedom that our Constitution allows. You, and only you, are in control of what your children see, or what you see. Do not blame TV and movie writers, creators, record labels or artists of any kind for creating something that makes you uncomfortable. Go watch something else and keep your tiny little minds closed, along with your flapping mouths. Art exists to make us gasp, to wonder, to be uncomfortable and to think and grow as human beings. Just my opinion. Mac McCord


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