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'Hotline Bling' probably wins the award for the song most spoofed, memed, and gif-ed, and the parodies just keep on coming.

The latest mashup to grace the internet takes Drake's hit and combines it with everyone's favorite '90s sitcom: Friends. Specifically, it features Chandler Bing (geddit?) and his own special moves.

Where the original is all about the booty call, this new mashup looks at a very different way that phones impact relationships... at least, they used to, when answering machines were far more important! Wondering if they got the message, if they have listened to the message, trying to call into their machine to snoop on messages - the FRIENDS gang definitely had their fair share of phone-related mishaps. Combine that with Chandlers incredible dancing, and we have a new hit on our hands!

Click Here For The Video!

Poor Chandler - we all know that he doesn't have any dignity!

If you still haven't seen FRIENDS, or if you just haven't watched in in a while, the series is currently streaming on Netflix.

(And just in case you haven't yet seen the song that started it all, here's the official video.)


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