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Who is he ?

Last episode of the flash we were introduced to the man in the mask. This episode was really good and I'm happy to see season 2 is really picking up.

I've seen many theories on how the masked man is the actual earth 2 jay. I have two suspicions, which are an older jay or the earth 2 version of Barry's dad.

Why not jay?

I think that the man in the iron mask is an older jay like the one in the comics. When jay was first introduced I couldn't help thinking shouldn't he be a lot older than Barry. But this jay doesn't seem that much older than them. Some people think jay is in the mask because of the code however I think this is not the case but instead the man above looks like an older than jay especially if you see his hands or if u watch the episode again there is a shot from the back of the guys head which shows grayish hair.

Why Henry Allen?

When watching this episode before I saw any fan theories I couldn't shake the feeling that the man in the mask was Henry and I thought that cause I thought the man in the mask was old looking. However I have no idea about why he knew Jay however as I said in one of my previous articles earth 2 Henry wasn't mentioned at all when they first got to earth 2 which led me to believe he is either dead or missing and that may be him.

Alternatively it may be the Rival?

I originally though that the man in the mask must be a good guy but today I remebered the forever evil story line which made me think maybe as a twist it is the rival. After all if it was jay garrick as people say he should have been able to phase through but the man never did however zoom may have stolen that jay's powers. Anyway this led me to believe it could be the rival who like zoom is obsessed with speed and therefore I think that maybe the guy in the mask is actually the rival and is perhaps the only guy who can take down zoom.

The rival doesn't have any powers of his own directly but instead uses a speed drug if he has perfected it then he could be fast enough to beat zoom or steal his speed. This may actually be where the jay garrick we know comes into play as he may be a vessel to carry the speed for the rival and is perhaps even trying to save himself as a clone. Although this may be a little far-fetched. The forever evil storyline reminded me of this since ultraman (earth 3 superman who was a villain) actually kept alexander luthor (earth 3 lex luthor) as prisoner. This wasn't necessarily because he was a good guy and hero but instead because he was more powerful than ultraman and could absorb his powers.

This has been a theory on the man in the iron mask. Comment below to tell me what you think. Thanks


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