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We have been very blessed to see many of our favorite superheroes come to life on the big screen in recent years. Despite this, not all of these experiences have been the best. When I first heard that a Deadpool film was in the works, I was quite skeptical. So many questions were running through my mind. Will they go for an R rating? Will he break the fourth wall? Will Fox screw this up as bad as they did Fantastic Four? I was so worried that they would mess up one of my favorite characters, until the test footage came out. As more and more promotional footage was released, the more excited I became. Finally, the day came for me to see the film. After the experience was over, I found it hard to turn my inner critic off. But then I realized something...

I was looking at it all wrong.

This film isn't about technically sound film making, or deep, intricate storytelling. It's about bringing a character that we all know and love to life, and in that regard it was a huge success. It's not a new opinion that Ryan Reynolds was made for this role. As much as it can be agreed that his character got pretty butchered in Wolverine Origins, it can still be agreed that the earlier scenes with Wade Wilson were some of the higher points of the film. It made me want to see more of Reynolds as the Merc With A Mouth, and he did more than make up for what was missed in Origins. He delivers his dialogue in a perfectly sarcastic and joking manner, and carries himself in such a way that Reynolds disappears, and all that can be seen in our beloved Deadpool.

The other actors did well in fulfilling their rolls as well. Morena Baccarin breathes new life to the character of Copycat, and the chemistry between her and Reynolds is second to none. It makes their romance one of the most believable that I have seen in recent comic book films, and in other films in general. T.J. Miller also provides a nice touch of comic relief as Deadpool's longtime friend Weasel. The other actors involved also did very well in contributing to their characters and to the film as a whole. The most beautiful thing about way that all of their characters were written is that they weren't stepping on the toes of the overall story, or taking up Deadpool's spotlight.

The writers are credited in the opening credits as "the real heroes here", and this couldn't be more true. They developed a story that allows the supporting characters to have room to exist and serve a greater purpose without taking the spotlight from the titular character, which is something that can be easily messed up in a film such as this. They wrote a story and took time to bring life to everyone, no matter how big or small the character was within the film. They also managed to deliver loads of comedy throughout the film without making feel gimmicky or overpowering. In a simpler explanation, they allowed the film to be a Deadpool film. It doesn't feel like they poured over the screenplay for hours and hours looking for every way to squeeze more ticket sales out of the story, and if they did then they did a very incredible job at hiding it. The film felt like it happened organically and effortlessly, which is definitely fitting for this particular story.

In terms of action, it's going to be difficult to find superhero films that compare to this in the future. The choreography is excellent and has pauses in all of the right moments, which gives the Merc just enough time to spit out a hilarious joke or to break the fourth wall for a moment. The cinematography in the action sequences is amazing, and gives a really chaotic, yet fluid motion to the fighting. This is all accompanied by a very fitting soundtrack, even though some of the songs aren't ones that you might immediately think to put into this type of film. All of this comes together in a concoction of graphic, silly, and exhilarating violence that will leave you cheering for the heroes till the end of the credits.

Deadpool is an incredible achievement for comic book films. It had exciting fights, excellent humor, and a compelling love story, all while staying true to the character. Is it a perfect film in a technical sense? Of course not. However, that isn't the point here. What really matters is that we were given an exciting and fun superhero film that stays loyal to the source material. Sure, if we wanted to get picky then we could talk about certain changes. For example, there were changes made to Negasonic Teenage Warhead's powers, as well as minor alterations to the origins of certain characters. These details don't mean anything in the end though, because this film accomplishes what it set out to do, which was to give us a fun, exciting roller-coaster of a film that portrays beloved characters as they should be. It might not be a film for everyone (I don't recommend bringing your children to this one), but I guarantee that it is worth it. Do yourself a favor. Pull up a seat, break out the chimichangas, and enjoy what I guarantee will be one of the most fun experiences that you will ever have watching a comic book film.

Overall rating: 4/4 stars


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