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I have watched the deadpool movie and absolutely loved it. It was funny, interesting and took full advantage and use of the r rating.

Then what is ur problem?

My 'problem' so to speak is that I am now hearing too many movies either announcing an r rating or people suggesting films that should get an r rating which in some respects are ridiculous. I saw someone say fantastic four should have an r rating and that is ridiculous as it is meant to be about a family and should remain a family friendy film and franchise.

I personally think that some marvel movies could do with an r rating as one complaint I have is that it is too kiddy. However even in this case it shouldn't be forced such as r rating black panther. Marvel with its television shows has shown it can provide dark and gritty material however the famed r rating craze may ruin superhero movies. If they wanna pursue something r rated go for someone who is actually r rated in the comics such as moon knight or ghost rider. I don't wanna be seeing an r rated spiderman movie or for it to be rated any higher than 12A or PG-13.

I think since dc r already creating this dark universe but they should do that within reason don't just r rate superman or wonder woman but do it smartly and strategically.

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