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If there's one horror movie icon I'd like to see return to the big screen, it'd have to be Pinhead. Now according to Bloody Disgusting, my wishes may have just conveniently come true.

How Do I Know This Is Actually Happening?

Well according to Bloody Disgusting (a very reliable source for all things horror), they're reporting that Heather Langenkamp (the original Nancy from A Nightmare On Elm Street) is the one who broke the news about this sequel. Apparently she's set to play a ''small part'' in the new movie.

Here's what she had to say exactly,

“I actually have an opportunity to play a small part in Hellraiser. I’m so excited about it. I go next week to do the shooting…” she said. “The script is amazing and that I got the part is something that I find incredible.”

This new flick even has an official director attached to it already!

“It’s Gary Tunnicliffe, who did all the makeup for all these years. They gave him an opportunity to direct the movie. I think it’s going to be pretty outstanding.”

Wait, What? They Start Filming Next Week?!

We've been hearing about a new Halloween, Friday The 13th, and Nightmare On Elm Street movie for the last six years, yet somehow, the next Hellraiser flick gets to start filming in a week out of the blue? I can't say I'm disappointed at all, but it does make me wonder if this new movie is being put out so Dimension doesn't lose the Hellraiser rights like it lost Halloween's.

All in all though, I can't wait to see what this new movie is gonna bring to the table, and I'm even more excited to witness the return of Pinhead!


Are you excited to see a brand new Hellraiser movie?


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