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Have you ever watched a movie and absolutely loved it? And then went online and found out that your opinion is an unpopular one? As it turns out that happens all the time. The internet will hold a general opinion about a movie, but everyone you talk to IRL (that means "in real life" in internet slang) actually feels the exact opposite. I've decided to compile the "unpopular opinions" of your favorite Moviepilot Creators, all of whom go against the status quo. Maybe they love a movie that is widely hated by the people of the internet, or perhaps they dislike a movie that is generally loved by those of us that live in the interwebs. So check out some of MP's unpopular opinions. (Not these are the sole opinions of Moviepilot creators and do not represent the website as a whole).

Go ahead and type away. You'll probably disagree.
Go ahead and type away. You'll probably disagree.

1. Deadpool was a horrible movie

This unpopular opinion was brought to you by creator Thomas Marsula. In his rant video he talks about how Deadpool (a movie that rocked the box office and is now regard as one of the closest comic book to film movies ever) is a disappointment. In general, the internet (and box office) hold Deadpool in a good light, but is Thomas onto something? You decide!


Is Deadpool a good movie?

2. "I really like the Green Lantern movie"

On the other end of the Ryan Reynold's spectrum, we have MP Staff Member Julian Arde, who claims to actually like the Green Lantern movie. Now, this 2011 flop only holds a 26% on Rotten Tomatoes, and is generally regarded as one of the worst superhero movies ever. Even the star himself hates it, and made fun of it in his latest movie. But hey, if that's what you like, who are we to judge?


Did you like Green Lantern?

3. "[Teenage Mutant] Ninja Turtles was one of my favorite movies of 2014"

As for me, I was surprised when they announced a squeal to TMNT, but as for Creator Charlie Ridgely the movie was "easily the most fun [he] had had in a theater in a long time." Again, this film has a pretty low score on Rotten Tomatoes, coming in at 21%, but it is more popular among fans at 52%.


How do you feel about TMNT?

4. Toby Maguire is the best Spider-Man.

This is one of those internet debates that will never end. Who was better Maguire or Andrew Garfield? (Team Garfield all the way!) For Creator Jasmyn Spann, Toby Macguire "is and probably will always be [her] favorite spiderman." (Though she also " really like[s] phantom menace and jar jar binks") Who knows, maybe will see Tom Holland beat both of these fine gentlemen and take the place as the best Spider-Man.


Who makes a better Spider-Man?

5. "I really liked The Amazing Spider-Man 2."

Following our Spider-Man theme, Trevor Norkey actually comes out in support of the film that ended all chances of a Sinister Six movie. However, this is actually an opinion I share as well (the first one on the list), while I think some of the elements of the movie fell flat, I generally enjoyed it and I cried when Gwen Stacey died. Trevor says he liked the movie because "it was unlike any other Spider-Man film and truly gave us the villain side of the story we were waiting for." Hard not to agree with that, right?


Do you like The Amazing Spider-Man 2?

6. "I'm even less excited for Batman v Superman than I am X-Men: Apocalypse."

Needless to say, this is a surprising opinion coming from Creator Erik Copper. Sure, I wasn't super excited for Batman v Superman...until the latest trailer. Now I'm stoked. However, Erick has a a rather solid argument behind his opinion:

"DC, even with only one movie in the cinematic universe, hasn't shown me they know how to handle their heroes in an effective manner when it comes to live-action. It seems like The Dark Knight was a fluke at this point, because there weren't any masterpieces before, and there haven't been any since.:


Are you excited for Batman V Superman?

7. "One of my favorite Marvel movies is The Punisher"

When it came out, The Punisher actually did rather well in the box office, taking the #2 spot for awhile. However, 12 years later and now we have a Rotten Tomatoes score of 29%. Creator Michael Carline thinks "Thomas Jane was the perfect choice for Fank Castle."


How do you feel about The Punisher?

8. "2015's Fantastic Four isn't as bad as most people say."

Well most people would say Fantastic 4 was horrible, heck read my review from last year, but Mac Charalambous thinks "it suffers from being over edited by people who had nothing to do with the creative process." Mac believes that if Fox hadn't edited so much we would've been left with a good movie, lead by a great cast and a good director. But alas that is a movie we will never see.


Is Fantastic 4 (2015) as bad as everyone says?

9. "Ezra Miller will be a far superior Flash than Grant Gustin"

I for one think Grant Gustin is the greatest Flash the world will ever see. The television show is perhaps one of my favorite shows on right now. Creator Alex Miramontes holds a different opinion though. I guess will just have to wait and see how Ezra does.


Who do think will make the best Flash?

10. "I think Ben Affleck is going to be the best big-screen Batman."

At the time of his casting anouncement, this definetely would have been a minority feeling (a group I was a part of). However, from what I've seen the promotional clips have really changed people's opinions and this is widely regarded as a hopeful opinion. If this wasn't unpopular enough for you, Creator Fred Blunden also says "I liked [Afflec] as Daredevil too." Alright, Fred if that's what you think...


Will Ben Affleck make a great Batman?

11. "I actually thoroughly enjoy the Fast and Furious franchise."

I'll admit I've never actually seen any of the Fast and Furious movies, they just don't interest me. Although Zachary Auman, this that this franchise might just be "more of a 'you love it or you hate it' situation."


Where do you fall?

12. "My favorite Rocky movie is the fifth one"

Rocky V is seen as an unnecessary sequel, to a sequel, to a sequel, to a sequel. Creator Akari Kekse doesn't feel that way, instead, she actually lists it as one of her favorite movies!


Is Rocky V the best Rocky?

13. My favorite mission impossible film is "Mission impossible II"

Mission Impossible has a lot of sequels, some are better than others, nonetheless Mission Impossible II definitely has mixed feelings. Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 57% but Creator Bill Porter says it is his personal favorite out of them all.


Is Mission Impossible II the best one?

14. "I wish they had cast Tom Cruise as Iron Man."

Continuing with out Tom Cruise theme, I bring you another unpopular opinoin. Believe it or not, this was a popular opinion before Iron Man hit theaters. Many people didn't like the idea of Robert Downey Jr playing the role (check out my article about redeemed actors here). Brian Medina, however, still feels that way and thinks Tom Cruise would have done better in the role.


Who would you rather see as Tony Stark/Iron Man?

15. "Wonder Man is the best Avenger ever. Hands down."

There's really not much more to be said here is there? Well that's what Matt Walz thinks anyway.


Is Wonder Man the best avenger?

16. "The Avengers really isn't that good"

Moving forward with the Avengers train of thoughts brings us to creator Jashan Boparai. He concedes that "Obviously it's a huge milestone, but the film itself is pretty not great." I for one love the movie, however, the popular opinion seems to be that the Avengers is great but Age of Ultron isn't...well I guess that's where we are headed next.


Do you like the Avengers?

17. "Age of Ultron is a fantastic movie"

Finally my own personal unpopular opinion. I love Age of Ultron. It is perhaps one of my favorite MCU movies, just below Captain America Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy. It has a more complex theme, cinematography is genius, effects are spectacular, and the characters actually have, you know, character. James Spader and Elizabeth Olsen are some of the greatest additions to the MCU. Ultron is by far one if the best villains the MCU has produced. He was menacing, down right evil, and yet misunderstood, misguided by some sense of righteousness that made him relatable. Most the villains have been rather one note, but Ultron has layers. Creator John Carter backed me up on this saying:

Age of Ultron is my second favorite MCU film. I think it is one of the truest expressions of a comic book on the big screen. It looks and feels like a comic book (to it's own detriment). Every flaw that critics and fans have thrown at it, for the most part, is accurate. It is a very fast paced story. The villain was developed very quickly. There are characters who don't get enough of the spotlight. But that is the beauty of it. It wasn't made to win an Oscar. It was very clearly made of the readers of comic books. And you can tell because many of these flaws are present in many team-up comic books. I love AoU... flaws and all.

For the most part however, according to the internet, Age of Ultron wasn't a great movie. However, everyone I talked to IRL seems to enjoy it.


Do you like Age of Ultron?

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