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Community is a great show. Intelligent and funny, this underrated gem managed to shine its way through several attempts at cancellation before finally getting its sixth season. While its been a while since that aforementioned season ended, I was revisiting briefly and I remembered something I thought the first time I watched it, but I assumed everyone else picked up on. Upon research, I discovered that there was not one mention of what I had thought had been done in a fairly obvious manner. So let's get down to what the theory is:

Dean Pelton Is Adopted

Here are the facts:

1. We've never seen the Dean's parents. There have been mild references, but those could be to adoptive parents.

2. The actor for the Dean, Jim Rash, is adopted and has previously worked that into his writing.

3. A lack of an actual father could explain why his character clings to Jeff as his "father" in Season 5's 'Advanced Advanced Dungeons and Dragons'.

4. Season 6 focused a lot more on family, showing and readdressing Britta's parents, talking about both of Frankie's sisters, and dwelling on the idea of "closer than friends".

So who are his parents?

These guys:

But why?

1. They lost their son at a young age, and Blake assumes he isn't dead

2. Both Blake and the Dean have a fascination with weird large objects

3. Blake does a spot-on Dean Pelton impression, suggesting they're related in some way. He even says the same sort of things: "I thought it would look cool", "It's all my fault". I could almost hear him about to say: "because I'm a bad dean".

4. Dan Harmon has a way of working in subtlety into his plots and having parents for a character without expressly saying so is right in his ballpark

5. Why show it unless it means something? Obviously it COULD be just two random characters, but it does linger on them a lot more than it should

So what do you think? Are they the Dean's parents? Was it obvious?

It it too late to be talking about Community? (Because I assure you that I'll probably be still talking about it until the day I die) Let's talk about it in the comments

Oh, and

Thanks for reading!


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