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Let me start off by saying that "The Flash" has been a hit so far and those who haven't watched it should probably start to watch it because its just that great. Most of you who are reading this must obviously are watching the show because this page is for the geekiest of people,mostly. But this post is not about weather you should watch the show or not, it is mainly about what we think or what I think, rather; in the topic of a specific person. (if haven't followed the show or if you haven't started to watch the show, there are spoilers ahead so go back and don't read for this point on. you do not wanna go down there) SPOILER ALERT! Be warned that my English is not that good. lol

So, a lot of people are talking about Jay Garrick and his role in The Flash. I mean lets all be honest, most of had this feeling about him being Zoom and most part of it felt like it because we never got to see Zoom and Jay at the same time besides when Jay describes his battles with Zoom and obviously the last night's episode-which basically puts the spot light on Jay Garrick. With everybody wondering his role I decided to write my own thoughts on who he might be and what role he will have on future.

As we all know from the comics that Jay Garrick is The Flash in another universe a.k.a Earth 2, he cannot be a culprit or can he? Before I get into that lets just cross out the possible what Jay Garrick might not be. The first is he cannot be Zoom period. He also cannot be a disguised Jay Garrick because we already see two different Jay Garrick and I don't think that the producers will have a Mystique(Marvel character who can duplicate another person) kind of character and at it end be like "gotcha" because this Jay Garrick knows a lot about science. There goes the two which you might have also figured it out but anyways moving on. The thing or a theory that is just popping up in my mind is that- do you remember when Jay says he is not fast enough to beat the Zoom and that Zoom is way stronger that him? You recall that? Yeah, So here is my theory; what if Jay Garrick was working with Zoom? Knowing that Jay wasn't fast enough he feels like he can't win against Zoom and the only thing Jay can do is join him, Zoom thinks that Jay can help him get the Earth 1 Flash's speed, he sends him first to Earth 1 to gain trust with Team Flash and figure out a way to get his speed. This makes sense right? Jay Garrick might be The Flash but he might have surrendered against and now that Jay gets a way to create speed using velocity 9 and that he is with Zoom now, he might have given Zoom what he needs.

I mean Jay kept on emphasizing at the start that he is a coward and Barry should face him just adds on that he might be Team Zoom. I think that is what the man in the steal mask was trying to say. More over I think this season is gonna end up better than season one with an epic finally and obviously some more Easter eggs. Did I explain it clearly? Did I miss something? let me know what you think. Thank you.


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