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Arrow is on its fourth season and the character of Oliver Queen a.k.a. Arrow was a lot different of a character back in Season 1. During Season 1, the Arrow was a killer, a vigilante who proved his goals with violence and death. As the show progressed, Arrow stopped killing and now in Season 4, he has "stepped into the light". The question arises: will it stay that way for the rest of the season?


The Monster

During the flashback sequences this episode, 'Code of Silence', Oliver and Taiana talked about killing Conklin. Oliver had not killed since Hong Kong besides Taiana's brother, which was out of self defense. Oliver told Taiana he does not want to kill again and become 'the monster' he once was. However, in desperate times where Oliver needs the other people to trust him to overthrow the Shadowspire and get off the island, he needs to kill Conklin, in which he does. He will most likely kill a lot of other people and will make him 'the monster' once more, with brings him to the dark state in which he was found in the beginning of Season 1. What does this all mean? Taiana said a big hint during the new episode this week (ep. 14) which was when she said that it takes a monster to fight monsters.

Oliver Queen Must Become A Monster To Defeat Damian Darhk

The way the Green Arrow has been trying to defeat Darhk is through the light, such as running for mayor. What Oliver is going to find out that fighting through the light isn't going to work to defeat a monster like Damien Darhk. He could start realizing this next episode when he finds out Damien Darhk has kidnapped his son. Like Taiana said, it takes a monster to fight monsters. We will see Oliver become darker as the back-half of the season progresses and Team Arrow's goal will have to prevent Oliver from going into the dark and moving out of the light. A big plot point could be the fact that Oliver begins to kill again and a few episodes before the finale, Green Arrow gets ahold of Darhk and has to make the decision whether or not to kill him. He remembers the light and doesn't kill him and then Team Arrow will figure out the right way to defeat Damien Darhk and H.I.V.E. in the finale.

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