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If there's one thing that Sony has screwed up the most, it's definitely The Amazing Spider-Man films, or just Spider-Man in general. Before Sony let Marvel borrow the rights to Spider-Man, we were going to be getting some pretty wicked awesome Spider-Man movies, or at least related things, like the Sinister Six, Venom, and The Amazing Spider-Man 3. Fans have since been very disappointed that Andrew Garfield wont reprise his version of the web-slinger and all things that his movies would open up for the Spider-Man universe.

Keep in mind that Sony has said that they're just postponing these things and they're still being developed as of now... But if for some wild reason we don't get those movies, below are 7 fairly notable things that we'll all definitely miss in The Amazing Spider-Man universe.

1. The Sinister Six

Based on the items teased in the credits of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, The Sinister Six movie was going to consist of Doctor Octopus, from his tentacles, Vulture from his wings, Green Goblin from his glider, Rhino from his horn, a shield or outfit believed to be Kraven the Hunter, and an eyeball led people to believe it was Chameleon's mask, or one of the eyes off of Mysterio's suit. Other speculations included the Shocker and Black Cat. It was to have a release date of November 11, 2016, and the film was said to be a redemption story for the characters, and would probably not feature Spider-Man. But the whole reason for the team was so they could kill Spidey, so he would probably make an appearance. Let's just hope that Sony will still release this one.

2. Venom

Venom was going to be getting its own solo movie as well, and as early as 2007. The symbiote did have a cameo/Easter-egg in The Amazing Spider-Man 2:

More of a deleted scene, but it would've been quite awesome to see Venom have his/its own movie...maybe it still can happen? I don't know...hopefully!

3. The Green Goblins

From The Amazing Spider-Man 2, we really get to see how much Harry Osborn hates Spider-Man; I mean he killed Gwen Stacy for crying out loud. Towards the end of the film, a sort-of-healing Harry, and Mr. Gustav Fiers a.k.a. The Gentleman put a team together which you already know as The Sinister Six. But before, this scene of The Gentleman walking through a hall introducing us to the suits wasn't going to be how it was. One of the coolest deleted-scenes the film had was probably this:

Darth Sidious?
Darth Sidious?

Norman Osborn's head. The deleted-scene shows The Gentleman walking up to it and uttering,"Wake up my friend," and Norman's eyes shoot open. Awesome!

We know from the comics that Norman liked to fake his death, but is this still faking it? Why yes it is, because he's still alive, but only part of him. Much speculation has occurred around this, but most think that Norman would then get injected with a serum, probably the Oz, grow back his body, but a mutated one, and become the Ultimate Green Goblin.

4. Ravencroft Institute

Ravencroft Institute is the Arkham Asylum of the Marvel Universe. The Institute has held many villains, most of which haven't appeared in the movies yet, but will.

5. Black Cat

Felicia Hardy, Black Cat, was one of Spider-Man's many lovers. But she didn't want a relationship with Peter Parker, no, she wanted one with Spider-Man, so there wasn't much love there. We sadly didn't get to see Felicity Jones don the white wig and leather suit, but if Sony is still making these movies, hopefully we will.

6. Mary Jane Watson

Shailene Woodley (The Divergent series, The Fault In Our Stars) was going to be our Mary Jane. Because of what happened to Gwen, the filmmakers wanted the focus to be on their relationship. Wish we would've gotten a cameo at least.

7. Richard Parker

This alternate-ending/deleted scene tells it all.

So What Do YOU Think? Which Thing Do YOU Miss The Most? Tell Me YOUR Thoughts In The Comments Section Below! Thanks For Reading!


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