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An Nguyen

Netflix has been on point with their online superhero series so far, with Daredevil and Jessica Jones cementing themselves as top competitors to DC's Arrow and The Flash on TV.

Well, it's needless to say that Netflix has the opportunity to win the DC demographic to their sides as well! Currently, Netflix has added Young Justice, the animated superhero show that took the world by storm but has been unceremoniously cancelled ever since, to their line up of shows. But Greig Weisman, the writer and producer for Young Justice, has hinted that if enough fans were to show support for Young Justice to get renewed, then Netflix will pick it up from where it left off!

Voice actor for character favorite, Aqualad, also voiced his support on the matter, and really wants this to happen.

The two even lead a trending hashtag on twitter, , which all fans of the show are encouraged to take part in!

For a fan of the series, this is the breakthrough that everyone has been waiting for- solid opinions and voices from the creator and voice actors themselves. It's a chance for fans to show their support for a series that they so desperately loved.


Would you watch a third season of Young Justice if it was on Netflix?


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