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When going from a book to a movie adaption there are scenes that have to be cut. These are a few of the scenes that many fans hope to see in the movie Allegiant and Ascendant. This is spoiler filled so continue at your own risk!

1. Explanation of the Group

I think that not fully explaining the group would be silly. I think it's also important that they describe the cause. They want to free the city and bring peace. They're seeking help from the new found outside. Also, showing Johanna's part is a great idea.

2. The Escape

There is so much action, it'd be a shame to leave it out. It will show what their world has come to. A place where even Amity will resort to violence. Not to mention the surprise appearance of someone who was supposed to be dead!

3. Experiment Explanation

This is extremely necessary to the plot. It shows why they were there, what the purpose was, and how it was monitored. It really sets the mood for the duration of it. If they change it too much it could ruin the entire film.

4. Mother

Learning more about her mom has a huge impact on Tris. It makes her sad and mad about the situation she's in. It also brings her closer to her mother, the real her, and all she sacrificed for the cause. The diary she reads also shows the way David felt about her mother.

5. Four's Betryal

This will show how strong Tris and Four's relationship is. Despite him continuing on with a plan that she felt was wrong, rightly so, they reconciled. Not to mention it showed a pivotal change in the mood of the book when they realize they need to stop the Bureau.

6. Engaging the Plan

Any changes to the how the plan turned out would be a horrendous. It was perfect, even though it didn't bode well for all involved. It was touching for Four, whose mother chose him over ruling the Chicago. Tris decided to take her brother place and sacrifice herself for their cause. If they don't show this then they'll just be robbing the audience! In fact I think changing even her death would cheapen it all!

7. The End

The moments in the end were so emotional! Reading it, I cried just a bit! Between Four's mother coming back from exile to everyone being there to spread Tris' ashes, it'd be a shame not to put it in! It is the perfect ending!

I think these parts must be in the movies. If they aren't I think it wouldn't be the same at all! These are key moments that are necessary to the story line! I really hope they are included in the film.


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