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Let me begin by saying this; if this film doesn't motivate you to follow your dreams and never ever give up, nothing will! That is seriously how I feel, and I'm sure others will relate. I haven't shed a tear inside a movie theater since Iron Man's "death" scene in Avengers -- yes, that actually made me cry a bit. Anyway, Eddie the Eagle managed to draw out a tear or two. Partially, this may have been because the film is based on the inspiring true story of Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards, a former record-setting British Olympian. The other part is because Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackman did an amazing job portraying their characters. Egerton, who plays Eddie, was able to make his character connect with the audience in the theater in a way that I have not seen before. He literally had us clapping inside the theater before the film was even finished!

Taron Egerton as "Eddie"
Taron Egerton as "Eddie"

Usually, the crowd applauds during the end credits, but no, I'm talking about clapping of excitement way before the end credits because of a certain scene that was filled with so much emotion and adrenaline. And how could the crowd not love the character Eddie? He had us laughing all throughout the film, despite the emotional moments. Eddie went through several disappointments and setbacks in the story, to the point where one would just say; " Just give the kid a break already!"

From a young age, Eddie had a dream of becoming an Olympic athlete, a Ski Jumper, and we see until the near end how this dream was challenged by his father, peers, critics, his own mentor, and even himself. He was underestimated for being naive and soft, far from manly, yet his heart was filled with strength and determination. I have not seen someone go through so much to achieve their goals and dreams the way Eddie did in this film, and I think that's what makes this movie great and not just good. Taron Egerton sure took the viewers on a emotional and humor filled ride! The guy is indeed a very talented actor.

Jackman as "Bronson".
Jackman as "Bronson".

Speaking of talented actors -- Did I mention Hugh Jackman? Heh, I would have never imagined that the Wolverine would have me almost crying through a film. Obviously, Jackman did not play his iconic and legendary hero, Wolverine, in this film (Would've been super cool and interesting though!) However, he did look "Logan-ish" throughout the movie; heavy black boots, tight jacket, button-up shirt, cigarettes, aviators-- You get the point. He was even as grumpy as Logan in some parts of the film, but overall he was satisfyingly humorous and had us theater folks break into laughter several times. Like I said before, he also had us on our emotional edge. Jackman plays Bronson Peary, Eddie's mentor and a former American Ski Jumper who failed to take his career seriously, despite being a talented natural, and resorted to alcohol and smoking. When destiny had him cross paths with Eddie, he wasn't very fond of the young 22-year old dreamer, but eventually, through Eddie's stubborn dedication and insisting spirit, they became close partners- coach and student. Bronson wasn't Eddie's only mentor, his mother (played by Jo Hartley) continuously pushed her son to succeed, despite his father's lack there-of.

The film excels not only in portraying Eddie's struggles with being repeatedly denied an opportunity at realizing his dream, but also Bronson's struggle with his past failures, state of denial, and cowardice. Nevertheless, the film does teach us valuable lessons: If you have a passion for something, just DO IT. Never give up. Fall down. Get up. Fall down again. Get up. Father ( or anyone) says you can't do it? Prove him wrong. Mother says you can? Prove her right!

I cannot finish without giving credit to Soundtrack director Gary Barlow, who did an amazing job at causing us to have "the feels" when watching emotional, exciting scenes in junction with the music. This film was made especially for those of us who dream and believe! It contains the perfect dose of humor, adrenaline, and motivation. It can easily be the most inspirational movie of the year! I'd like to send my applaud to director Dexter Fletcher ( Wild Bill ) and screenwriters Sean Macaulay and Simon Kelton, and of course to the rest of the production team that made this amazing film possible.

But don't take my word for it, rather go yourself and . Eddie the Eagle premieres February 26th.


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