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Jeremy Irons has buckets of love for Ben Affleck's performance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

"Master Wayne, you've been gone a long time"
"Master Wayne, you've been gone a long time"

In an interview yesterday with Screen Rant, he said of Affleck:

"He’s extraordinary. Quite extraordinary. And Zack Snyder, the director, fantastic vision. And I think the public have a great treat in store."

Although Irons wasn't able to give much more away because he'd have to "shoot" the interviewer, he also said he suspected the audience would want to see it "over and over again" and that there was "lots of action." Well, duh.

Oscar-winner Irons plays Bat butler Alfred Pennyworth in Warner Bros.'s adaption of DC Comics's superheroes.

This will be Affleck's second superhero role, his first being the lead in Daredevil in 2003. Affleck has hinted his deep-throated Caped Crusader will be unlike previous Batmen, with his older-than-usual casting aiming to overlay the character with extra nuance.

Watch the interview here ('Batman' from 3:20):

Affleck was cast by director Snyder over Christian Bale (only one year younger), who had starred in the previous three Batman pictures.

Snyder told People in January why Affleck was the winner:

"You know he's got the chin for it. Casting Ben felt like a no-brainer to me. I know that there was some backlash, but he's just so perfect to me, especially in his size and his age."

Basically, his chin-ass was juicier.

Snyder: "Ben, you're perfect, never change"
Snyder: "Ben, you're perfect, never change"

However, apparently Affleck himself wasn't sure about his casting, as he told EW in July last year:

"My first reaction was, ‘Are you sure?’  At the time I was 40, 41, and had just finished Argo, and I felt like ‘This seems like a strange way to get to Batman.’"

Finally, Matt Damon admitted to MTV last September how the choice of writer was a game-changer for Affleck:

"Once he was able to get Chris Terrio to write the script I think that made the decision for him. Ben really liked Zack so he thought 'ok I got all the pieces'"

Damon then claimed his Jason Bourne would beat Batman in a fight. Yeah sure, you keep telling yourself that.

Check out the third trailer for 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice':

Who do you think will ultimately make a better Batman, Bale or Affleck?

Source: Screen Rant


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