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Joining the trend of upcoming Disney live-action reboots, it's recently come to light that director Ron Howard is taking the helm of the forthcoming adaptation of Pinocchio.

Robert Downey Jr. is taking a break from his iron suit to play the much loved carpenter Geppetto, who will be the central figure of the adaptation (of course). However, the remainder of the cast is apparently undecided.

So, what can we do in the mean time? Fan cast, natch! Check out the options below and let us know who you'd pick to play the Disney classics!

Pinocchio — Jacob Tremblay

Why: After Tremblay's performance in the Oscar-nominated Room, we know he's got the adorable-kid-in-a-creepy-world vibe nailed.

Jiminy Cricket — Bill Nighy

Why: They're basically the same person — wise, pensive and hella dry.

Blue Fairy — Rachel McAdams

Why: McAdams has just the right amount of sugar-plum sweetness to make her perfect for the Blue Fairy — plus, if you're going to be lectured about moral codes, it's always better if it comes from a face like hers.

Honest John — Jeff Goldblum

Why: Other than the fact that basically all films would be better with Goldblum in them, he has just the right amount of sly sass to make a great (not-so) Honest John.

Gideon — Hannibal Buress

Why: Firstly, how great a double act would Jeff and Hannibal make? Then add this guy's laughter (one of the best on the planet, imo) and you're golden.

Figaro — Paul Rudd

Why: Mega stubborn with a heart of gold, this little critter may act all cheeky but underneath it all he's totally adorable. Plus, if Clueless taught us anything, it's that Rudd can be pretty smart-mouthed, too.

Cleo — Margot Robbie

Why: Butter wouldn't melt ... Or would it? Robbie is gorgeous, flirty and mischievous — just like Cleo.

Who would you cast in the live-action 'Pinocchio'?

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