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Way back before he was one of cinema's most recognizable and rugged faces, and before he had channelled Rocky Balboa on the big screen, Sylvester Stallone was scrimping for cash while working in a deli in New York.

One evening, while feeling plucky, the Oscar-nominated actor lost his cool and, erm, got in trouble with the police in amusing circumstances. When a customer upset him, Stallone responded in a less than conventional way.

'I Was Arrested At Your Deli'

The story surfaced during a Grammys ceremony. Sly bumped into Butch Yamali, a restaurant owner in New York. Yamali reminded him that he used to work at his father's business, the Dover Deli. When asked if he remembered, Sly responded:

“How can I forget? I was arrested at your [bleeping] deli!”

So what kind of heinous crime did Stallone commit in his fit of rage?

He Threw A Chicken In The Customer's Face

Yep, he literally flipped the bird. No news on whether this chicken was alive, dead, cooked, or frozen, but it's fair to say Stallone ended up with egg on his face after cops arrested him. I suppose these things do happen when you're cooped up behind a counter for hours on end.

The whole incident is reminiscent of the iconic chicken chasing scene (below for your pleasure) — and perhaps even inspired Balboa's witty quip: "I feel like a Kentucky Fried Idiot." See what he did there?

Within the Balboa universe, the bizarre training method obviously had a positive influence — in Creed, while mentoring Adonis Johnson, Balboa makes him perform the same trick.

A Career Resurgence

Considering his brush with the law, it was a good thing Stallone's career took a turn for the better. It took him just three days to write the screenplay for the original Rocky in 1976.

Should he give up? Or just keep chasing chickens?
Should he give up? Or just keep chasing chickens?

At the time, Stallone had just $106 to his name, and was even considering selling his dog to make ends meet. After a successful attempt to sell the script to movie studios, he also managed to negotiate and land himself the leading role.

His performance earned him two Oscar nominations, for Best Actor and Best Original Screenplay. Fast forward four decades, and at the ripe age of 69, Stallone has received his third Oscar nomination and won his first Golden Globe for his role in Creed.

The question is, does Stallone deserve the Oscar for his role in 'Creed'?

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