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Because there isn't such a thing as too much Deadpool in our lives, someone has started a petition to get Wade — not Ryan — to host Saturday Night Live.

Go sign it. Here. Click it. I mean, once you've read the suggestion for "some Deadpool interpretive dancing while the musical guest is playing," there's really not much you can do to get it out of your head.

The petition isn't for Wade himself (obviously), as it's addressing SNL creator Lorne Michaels, Ryan Reynolds, NBC, and Saturday Night Live. Lorne is Canadian, so that might help Deadpool's case. It's already got more than 19,000 signatures.

Ryan's No Stranger To SNL

To top it off, Ryan has already hosted SNL in 2009, with a hilarious monologue during which he talked, of course, about superheroes.

We're shamelessly going to point out this quote:

"I'm about to start working on the new Green Lantern movie, which I'm super excited for. And I think it's gonna be a huge hit, because if there's one thing that kids love, it's lanterns."

Deadpool On 'Conan'

If you're somehow still worried that the red suit wouldn't look that good on the small screen, we have actual proof that our sassy antihero feels more than comfortable on late night talk shows. Here he is, massaging Conan's back (and butt) with panda tears.

Deadpool's been on a rampage since its opening weekend, breaking possibly every box office record there is to break. Grossing $150 million nationally over a four-day opening weekend, it's now 20th Century Fox's biggest debut ever, as well as the biggest opening of an R-rated movie.

Considering it was the fans who had to pressure the studio for the movie to finally see the light, wouldn't it be quite clever to listen to them again? Let's get this petition on Lorne Michael's desk, everyone.

If Deadpool gets on SNL, what would you want him to do?


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