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[Warning: this article contains spoilers.]

Surely there's nothing more heartbreaking that looking at some candid, caught-in-the-moment happy family pictures of Han, Leia and Kylo after having your heart torn into little pieces, while trying not to sob in front of your date and into your popcorn at a screening of The Force Awakens.

Alright, maybe it could just be nice to remember the times before Kylo Ren decided his grandfather's wisdom was the one worth listening to.

Cuddles Contest: Mom vs. Chewbacca

This fan art by abrudas clearly kicks the safety cap off the cute-o-meter, with little Kylo hugging mom and playing with Chewie.

Playing Warrior

Think this can't be topped? What about Captbexx's portrait of Kylo and daddy Han playing warriors?

World's Best Baby Blanket

As lorna-ka points out, no baby blanket in the world will be as soft as Chewie.

Kalvin Ren

Finally, let's not forget about that time Brian Kesinger did a mash-up of Star Wars and Calvin & Hobbes.

But What If?

Oh, how we wish...

Thanks, shorelle for this punch in the feels.

Do you think Han ever had a chance of bringing Kylo back?


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