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Rob Liefeld not only got to see his creation bought to life in the Deadpool movie, but he also got a sneaky little cameo in the scatter-gun Marvel sensation.

Liefeld spoke out to about the surreal experience of becoming a part of the universe he crafted, he told interviewers that:

"It was a once in a lifetime experience. It's great to be on set, and the fact that they snuck me into a scene was a wonderful aspect of it."

The Deadpool creator admitted that being on camera felt a little too "brutish" for him, but thankfully for the camera shy comic book legend, he's only on screen for a split second.

Deadpool on set with director Tim Miller
Deadpool on set with director Tim Miller

And the moment in question? When Wade Wilson strolls into Sister Margaret's for the first time he walks past two fellow mercs and greets them by name saying "Buck. Liefeld," and you briefly see Rob on screen in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it kind of moment. So, now we know that Rob Liefeld is a mercenary himself in the Deadpool universe.

Considering the level of controversy he's caused in his colorful career, it only seems appropriate!

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