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Now, when it comes to touching tributes to a home town's favorite sons and daughters, there's really no beating a statue in the town square. After all, as Jebediah Springfield has animatedly taught us, a statue of you in your home town more or less guarantees that you'll be remembered long after those who actually knew you have passed away (that, and that a noble spirit embiggens the smallest man, of course).

With the record-breaking success of Marvel and Fox's Deadpool over the past weekend, then, it might just be time for a certain Merc with a Mouth to receive his very own statue. Y'see:

An Online Petition To Get Deadpool His Own Statue Has Been Started By A Devoted Fan

That's right: in Regina, Saskatchewan, a brand new petition from fan Luke Oliver hopes they might just fall in love with Deadpool's red-suited frown and build him a shiny statue of his very own.

As Oliver put it over at

With Deadpool having announced that he's from 'Regina, Saskatchewan, the town that rhymes with fun!' in the new Marvel movie, Deadpool. It's only right that we erect a Deadpool statue to show our pride of being a great superheroes hometown.

Which, with over 2,500 signatures to date may well be a long-shot — but then again, so was Deadpool getting his own movie (and seeing it become a hit).

Could It Actually Happen Then?

Well, sadly, from the looks of Regina's mayor's rapid response to the petition, it seems unlikely. Mayor Michael Fougere posted this to Facebook yesterday...

...and though the mayor later clarified to Global News that he wouldn't be averse to a crowd-funded statue in the future...

"If there’s crowdfunding that would actually have a point where we could look at doing that, I’d have that conversation no question... The location where it’s appropriate would be just part of the conversation. I don’t bar anything, I don’t exclude anything, I’m just surprised that it got to this level so quickly." sadly doesn't seem as though Deadpool'll be getting a statue in Regina any time soon, no matter how much the town rhymes with 'fun.'

If you want to change that, though, then perhaps a trip to Luke Oliver's petition to give it your ol' John Hancock is in order...

What do you think, though?


Should Deadpool have his very own statue in Regina, Saskatchewan?



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