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The preview and synopsis for episode 10 of Season 12 of Grey's Anatomy is here, and things are intense. It looks like it might take quite some time before Dr. Meredith Grey gets over her trauma.

In the sneak peek for 'All I Want Is You', we can see Mer a bit on edge, telling her family and friends to just get out of her house.

After she was attacked by a patient in episode 8, her sister is making a point out of not leaving her alone, but it looks like Mer could need just that. Even though she says she knows she's "lucky to be alive", it's clear that she's far from relaxed.

The tension's not over either between Owen and Nathan, who are fighting in this second sneak peek of the new episode... until an ambulance explodes right in front of them!

If that wasn't enough, Callie and Maggie have decided to operate Alex's 15-year-old patient despite his professional advice. According to the synopsis, it's a "risky and experimental operation." We've got our fingers crossed.

Is this before or after the surgery?
Is this before or after the surgery?

At least there's going to be some development in Maggie and Andrew's relationship, so that's a little bit of good news.

The episode is airing today on ABC, so no more waiting!

Do you think Mer is finally on her road to recovery?


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