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(Warning – if you're a fan of DC's acclaimed animated series Young Justice, then the following might just get your hopes up. On the basis that your heart may not be able to take that particular strain after so many years of waiting, it is advised that you proceed with caution...)

Now, while fans of Batman: The Animated Series remain perhaps the most widely-noted devotees of DC-themed animated television, the 1990s weren't the only decade that saw some pretty spectacular superhero-centric animation emerge from the good folks over at Warner Bros. The 2000s, for instance, brought us Teen Titans, Justice League and all but the first season of Batman Beyond - yet for many fans, the high-point of modern animated DC-ery came in the 2010s, with Young Justice.

For just two seasons, Young Justice brought the younger members of the DC universe to life in just about as critically-acclaimed and fan-beloved a way as it possibly could... and was then cancelled, as a result of lagging toy sales (it was largely funded by a deal with Mattel).

And yet...

There's A Chance We Could Still See A Third Season Of 'Young Justice'

Y'see, while the show may have ended abruptly (and on something of a cliffhanger), with Warner Bros. offering fans little hope of an eventual conclusion, many fans haven't quite given up hope.

Something, it seems, that might just offer up a chance for the show to finally get a long-awaited third season. As the show's executive producer Greg Weisman recently noted on Twitter...

...the presence of the show on Netflix (and Blu-Ray) gives fans a fighting chance to prove that a third season is commercially viable... by binge-watching the hell out of it.

What's more, the show's Aqualad himself, Khary Payton, took to Twitter last week to note that:

Which... isn't exactly a sign that we're about to see Season 3... but it might just mark the gently rippling beginnings of a tide that leads to that.

After all, we got the Deadpool movie we all wanted, didn't we?

What do you think?


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