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The latest episode of Arrow had a weird mid-season lull vibe, perhaps the most noteworthy moment being the reveal that Curtis is working on a techy spinal implant to allow Felicity to walk again.

We were introduced to a new villain who paid homage to DC Comics, and there were are a few other easter eggs scattered around 'Code of Silence' to keep the fanboys happy. Did you notice each of these?

1. Milo Armitage (H.I.V.E.)

Remember Milo Armitage? We met him in the season 2 episode 'Tremors', when he had Bronze Tiger steal the Markov Device from Malcolm Merlyn.

He's back this week, although it's just a quick cameo as one of Damien Darhk's men in HIVE.

2. Mr. Terrific and his O.H.

In the comics, Mr. Terrific is married to a woman named Paula Holt. After her death, Mr. Terrific travels with the Justice Society to Earth-2, where he meets his wife's alternate.

Obviously in Arrow canon Curtis is gay, but in a nice nod to the comics his husband is named Paul. Also this week, Oliver thanks Curtis with the words: "Curtis, you're terrific."

3. Demolition Team

Comprising Hardhat, Jackhammer, Steamroller, Scoopshovel and their somewhat disappointingly-named leader Rosie (seriously, did they just give up after four?), the Demolition Team made the jump from comics to screen this week as the villains Oliver needed to see to - which he did, with relative ease.

One of the gang was played by Daniel Cudmore, who previously played Colossus in X2 and [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](tag:203942). Lovely.

Did you spot any more DC or Marvel easter eggs in 'Code of Silence'?


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