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Seems we may have a little case of butt-hurt here, guys.

Talking to The View recently, Raven-Symoné recounted her experience of being 'hit twice' during an interview at the Zoolander 2 premiere. Why was she hit? To make way for Kendall Jenner.

Raven's summary of events seemed dramatic and majorly rude as she explained how she was repeatedly shoved out of the way by a producer. Then, using The View's co-host Joy Behar as a prop to remonstrate the moment. Like this:

Ignoring the fact that poor Behar is practically manhandled in the demonstration, Raven is clearly deeply hurt by the way her treatment – note the way her eyes gleam with rage – and claims she was "slapped upside the chest" to make way for someone "more important."

Now here's where the situation gets a little cringeworthy. Well, a lot cringeworthy actually. Because, according to the red carpet footage below, it would appear that Raven has been stretching the truth... a lot.

Check it out:

So actually, she wasn't 'hit twice', she wasn't even hit once. Raven voluntarily left the interview, the producers thanked her for her time and even apologized.

Well... that's awkward.

Why do you think Raven embellished her story?

Source: Too Fab, Buzzfeed


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