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I've played a fair bit of [Star Wars: Battlefront](tag:2684021). I'm by no means an expert, though I've unlocked everything you can, played till level 50 and experimented a lot along the way. But with further updates on the horizon and a few DLC packs in toe, the balance of Star Wars: Battlefront is about to shift.

Therefore, I thought I'd attempt to capture the game as it currently stands. I thought I could shift through the entirety of the game and give my personal standpoint on the weapons, vehicles, Star Cards, heroes, and villains of Star Wars: Battlefront. This might be a pretty average game, but that doesn't mean that I can stop playing.

Everything In 'Star Wars: Battlefront,' Ranked

Star Wars: Battlefront
Star Wars: Battlefront

Where to even begin?! Oh, let me make this perfectly clear before I do: this is in no way the definitive version of everything in Battlefront. If you disagree or feel that something should be moved around on these lists please let us know in the comments! We'd be delighted to hear from you. Speaking of which, what are you looking forward to in the DLC packs?!


1. E-11 - The Battlefront all-rounder, the E-11 is a powerful and accurate blaster rifle, ideal for use in all environments.

2. DLT-19 - This is one hell of a heavy blaster with an excellent rate of fire that deals heavy damage at long range.

3. DL-44 - Before it was nerfed, this was the most powerful weapon in the galaxy. But even after DICE has fixed this, it still delivers massive damage at close range while overheating quickly.

4. EE-3 - Capable of a 3-round burst fire at long range, this is a powerful and useful blaster in any battle.

5. SE-14C - Ideal for close-range combat, this little pistol unloads a 5 shot round at a time. Not ideal for large open spaces.

6. T-21 - Delivering massive damage at long range, the T-21 requires steady aim particularly due its slow rate of fire.

7. T-21B - A longer-ranged version of the T-21, the T-21B is deadly at longer distances but forget about using it in cramped environments.

8. RT-97C - The RT-97C is a versatile heavy blaster, fitted with optics to allow use at long range.

9. A280C - A pretty standard, but sturdy weapon, the A280C is a powerful blaster rifle that has a high rate of fire and excellent firepower.

10. DH-17 - Ideal for medium-range combat, the DH-17 is a fully automatic blaster pistol. It has a high rate of fire and some pretty decent accuracy.

11. CA-87 - This here is a retro-fitted Jawa blaster that is extremely deadly at short range, but basically useless at medium and long range.

Star Wars: Battlefront
Star Wars: Battlefront

Star Cards

1. Jump Pack - This should have its own slot in Star Wars: Battlefront, as the game becomes increasingly tedious without it.

2. Explosive Shot - A power Star Card that enables you to fire explosive rounds for a short amount of time. Devastating power.

3. Bowcaster - Hold it down for long enough and this weapon unleashes five powerful blasts that instantly kill your enemies if they connect.

4. Cyber Rifle - If your aim is steady enough, this rifle can take out an enemy with one shot from great distances.

5. Pulse Canon - This is the weapon of choice for many sharpshooters. Hold down the fire button and this will eventually unleash havoc.

6. Homing Shot - A great weapon to catch your enemy off-guard with if they're out in the open. Just sit back and watch it find them.

7. Thermal Detonator - A standard grenade, but a handy weapon to hurl around a corner, over a hill, or into a base.

8. Impact Grenade - Aim a little more carefully with this one and you should be able to take out a few enemies at once.

9. Focus Fire - This card increases your accuracy for a brief period of time and can certainly help you out when in need.

10. Cooling Cell - This reduces your weapons ability to overheat, allowing you to launch into a killing frenzy.

11. Personal Shield - A life-saver, this personal shield won't let you fire while inside it but it can mean the difference between life and death.

12. Ion Torpedo - This is a powerful weapon to be used against enemy vehicles, whether they be Speeders or AT-STs.

13. Ion Shot - The ion shot increases damage against vehicles.

14. Ion Grenade - This weapon can deal a great amount of damage to vehicles, though it can be hard to aim it just right.

15. Flash Grenade - Temporarily disorientating your enemy, the flash grenade can give you a chance to catch your enemy off-guard.

16. Smoke Grenade - Hurl this grenade and you can get out of a situation or stalk your enemy through the smoke.

17. Scout Pistol - While helpful for taking out enemies at close distances, the scout pistol is useless at medium or long range.

Star Wars: Battlefront
Star Wars: Battlefront

Power Ups

1. Thermal Imploder - This would be at the top of my list for its sound effect alone, but this grenade is powerful and great for taking out clusters of enemies.

2. Smart Rocket - This power up can be quickly drawn to instantly take out an enemy or a group of enemies in your vicinity or at long range.

3. Orbital Strike - Aim this guy right and you can take out a whole barrage of troops or destroy an unsuspecting AT-ST.

4. Infantry Turret - This turret is perfect when placed at a popular entrance or exit. Just sit back and watch him take everyone out.

5. Blaster Cannon - If placed right, a player can rack up a few kills with this powerful cannon. You become a bit of a sitting duck though.

6. Proximity Bomb - Secretly place this near an objective and you're likely to get a kill a little later on when you least expect it.

7. Vehicle Turret - A very rare pick up, this turret can be great for annihilating AT-STs.

8. Squad Shield - Gather around friends and we can listen to the awesome sound effect of bullets hitting the outside of this protective shield.

9. Sensor Droid - This little guy scans the surrounding area and will start firing at enemies after a short while.

Star Wars: Battlefront
Star Wars: Battlefront


1. Sharpshooter - For every headshot kill, it decreases the cooldown on your cards depending on the killing spree. Nice.

2. Bounty Hunter - Keep your footsteps hidden from enemy scanners and eventually your weapon won't show up either, it'll eventually reset weapon heat every time you kill.

3. Scout - Gimme all dem powerups.

4. Survivalist - Your health regenerates faster and you replenish some new health every time you kill an enemy.

5. Bodyguard - Keep that explosive damage away from me!


1. Millennium Falcon - I would have put the Slave 1 first, but the Millennium Falcon has one up on Boba's ship seeing as it can activate a shield and slam into it. Unfair.

2. Slave 1 - With the ability to prevent everyone from locking on to it and two different kind of rockets on board, this is a dangerous weapon.

3. A-Wing - These need to be fixed. We all know how impossible it can be to takeout an A-Wing and how great it is to drive one.

4. TIE Interceptor - The prettier version of the TIE Fighter, the Interceptor is a fast and slick ship.

5. TIE Fighter - The standard TIE is a well-rounded vehicle capable of unloading on enemy forces.

6. X-Wing - The X-Wing packs a serious punch, and though it lacks the A-Wings speed, it's still a worthy partner.

7. AT-ST - Tons of weapons on board, the ability to squash your enemies and a great deal of health. Yeah, this is a great vehicle.

8. Snowspeeder - Though it can be hard to make a difference from the skies in a snowspeeder, they're key for taking down Walkers in Walker Assault.

9. AT-AT - These guys pack a serious punch. Though their movements are limited, they can be seriously useful when it comes to racking up kills.

10. Speeder Bike - Damn hard to drive but satisfying to land a kill with, the Speeder Bike is a slick vehicle for Endor.

Star Wars: Battlefront
Star Wars: Battlefront


1. Jakku - I thoroughly enjoy Turning Point on Jakku, along with the Fighter Squadron map it has to boost.

2. Hoth - Walker Assault, the caves, the survival missions; Hoth has plenty to keep us busy with.

3. Tatooine - Flying around Jaba's palace in Fighter Squadron is awesome and earns it this rightful spot.

4. Endor - I'm color blind, so even though Endor has some great maps, I cannot see the Rebels. It sucks.

5. Sullust - Though an awesome looking planet, it doesn't have very interesting maps.


1. Fighter Squadron - This is where I've spent most of my time with Star Wars: Battlefront, and I don't see that changing any time soon.

2. Turning Point - I love the dynamic of Turning Point and I can't wait for the February update to bring it to other maps.

3. Walker Assault - The classic mode that we all originally loved about Star Wars: Battlefront, Walker Assault is still a great way to kill some time.

4. Supremacy - Though not as good as Walker Assault, Supremacy is a great massive mode.

5. Hero Hunt - I love the satisfaction that comes with Hero Hunt. Your actions are rewarded like in no other mode.

6. Heroes vs Villains - This is a lot of fun, even if the Empire frustrate me.

7. Cargo - I've had some truly intense moments in Cargo as you get closer and closer to reaching the goal.

8. Droid Run - An interesting take on capture the flag, Droid Run can be a lot of fun.

9. Drop Zone - Escape pods are crashing down onto the planetary surfaces and your team must fight for control over them. Challenge accepted.

10. Blast - Classic deathmatch. Nothing else, really.

Star Wars: Battlefront
Star Wars: Battlefront

Heroes & Villains

1. Luke Skywalker - He's probably overpowered, but we gotta love him and all his fancy tricks. And damn can this guy run!

2. Boba Fett - With a jet pack, a rocket launcher, a flamethrower and a devastating blaster, Boba is a lethal enemy.

3. Han Solo - Solo has some great abilities that make an ideal candidate for racking up a serious amount of kills.

4. Princess Leia - The ability to heal herself, stay protected within a squad shield and devastate enemies with a powerful blaster makes Leia a tough adversary.

5. Darth Vader - Though slow and clumsy, Vader has some decent tricks up his sleeve, and force chocking your enemies is always a delight.

6. Emperor Palpatine - I don't like him. Sorry Palpatine, you frustrating old bastard.

What do you like most about 'Star Wars Battlefront'?


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