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The undisputed jewel of Mob Wives, Big Ang (real name Angela Raiola) has died of cancer aged 55, just six hours after multiple news outlets inaccurately reported her death.

Raiola's family were forced to publish a Tweet that stated the matriarch of the family was desperately ill but still fighting, before publishing another Tweet announcing her death.

Raiola was diagnosed with throat cancer in April, but after a tumor the size of a lemon had been removed, the cancer was found to have spread to her lungs and brain. In an emotional appearance on Dr. Oz that aired just two days ago, Angela described the earth-shattering moment when she was diagnosed and how her fear of leaving her family behind was the hardest thing to cope with.

Best known for her vivacious personality, enormous heart and flamboyant nature, fun-loving Big Ang gained a huge fan base thanks to her outrageous sense of humor and her wisdom as the peacekeeper of the group.

The niece of Salvatore "Sally Dogs" Lombardi — the captain of the Genovese crime family — Raiola rose to fame through the show Mob Wives and quickly became a huge fan favorite. She later went on to have two of her own spinoff shows, Big Ang and Miami Monkey.

Raiola lived with her daughter Raquel and her family on New York's Staten Island, where she ran the infamous Drunken Monkey bar in Brooklyn. Many members of her family, including her son Anthony and her sister Janine, appeared alongside her on her various shows.

Let's send her off in the way she would have wanted and drink, drink, drink for Ang tonight. Love you, my baby.

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