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If you're a fan of nice things and fun, and were severely disappointed with last year's attempt at a Tony Hawks reboot, you're in for a potential treat reader, because it looks as if EA are finally going to revive the Skate franchise! And If this news doesn't get your heart kickflipping a beat, then you're dead inside.

Earlier this week, an eagle-eyed Reddit user spotted a listing for Skate 4 on JB Hi-Fi website, one of Australia's biggest home entertainment shopfronts. Although the electrical goods stockist took the post down pretty swiftly, via the means of photography we have some fairly legit proof that the king of skating games could be making a come back!


So if any of this is indeed true, this means that we're gonna be vexing pixelated pedestrians in the digital world again this August, which would be amazing.

What's also amazing is that the image above shows that every Xbox One copy of Skate 4 will come with a backwards compatible copy of Skate 3! Which would be great for parents across the board who don't want to shell out monies for two copies of the game.

Whether or not this will come to pass still remains to be seen, but this is stellar news for all the die-hard fans that took to spamming EA's Instagram with requests for Skate 4 where requests for Skate 4 shouldn't really be!


Keep your fingers crossed, gamers, and pray this to be true.

(Source: Reddit)


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