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Netflix settled score with the European users by providing excellent content so far this year.

Netflix Inc. noticed that the numbers of streaming subscribers were rising, who used VPN services to access the platform. Most viewers belonged to Australia who only relied on VPN services to get their hands on US content but it was not only limited to Australia, people from different parts of the world used to change their locations in order to watch international content. Netflix did not care about it initially but gradually it started to issue warnings to its viewers to stop doing so.

At the end of 2015, Netflix officials announced that they would consider blocking and banning users who are still involved in such activities. It is believed that a cat and mouse game has been started between the company and users that will go on for many years to come without a doubt. The streaming giant was in serious pressure over the past years from the big name content owners that wanted Netflix to put a halt geo dodging services. This is the reason of as to why the organization announced a crackdown on users.

Numerous users are blocked from different regions if they use a VPN service. As the streaming service provider designs the catalogue as per the negotiations of its content licensing, it may or may not include a movie or TV show in all countries. The content is different from one region to another, which is why people used VPN to access Netflix if they did not find their desired content in their regional catalogue.

The US catalogue is far more superior to contents from all other regions and mostly people want to get their hands on the US content but after the crackdown was announced, it is not possible anymore. People who still try to access using a VPN platform are redirected to a blank screen displaying an error message.

It is not totally on the streaming subscribers to break rules but sometimes the company force its users to do it as well. As there are inevitable differences in content from region to region, people tend to use VPN. Sources suggest that the European users have earned a big score in getting excellent content this year so far, and this is making it hard for the US users to resist breaking the rules.

Netflix might have started blocking and banning some VPN services as well as users associated with them but it does not have its way all around them. In December, the executive of a Melbourne based VPN firm ‘uFlix’ stated that the streaming giant is able to block our users for a moment but his company would find a way to bypass Netflix’s security again.

Not all VPN services are on radar of Netflix, which might make way for users to access different regional content. Previously, Australian and European users were involved in accessing different region content illegally but it seems like the table have turned now. More US subscribers are accessing Netflix using a VPN due to its big score in the United Kingdom and in other parts of Europe.


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