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Most fans agree that upon release, 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine was not the movie we had anticipated. Though it was full of action, like a Wolverine movie is supposed to be, it gave us reinventions of characters we'd been dying to see on screen for years.

The movie decided to please fans by introducing fan favorite characters from the comics like Deadpool and Gambit, but ended up giving us characters that weren't representative of what we knew and loved from the comic books. Plus, they sewed Deadpool's mouth shut, so that wasn't nice either.

However, FOX is making amends. They have two X-Men movies coming out this year (one of which already came out), and two coming out next year, that will without a doubt fix mistakes made back in 2008\9.


Deadpool in 'Origins' (left) and 'Deadpool' (right)
Deadpool in 'Origins' (left) and 'Deadpool' (right)

Last week, the Merc with a Mouth finally hit theaters in his true form. Based on the records he broke, the fans loved seeing 'Wadey' on the big screen and we already know we will be getting more. Remind yourself of the awesome trailer:

Not only did this version of Deadpool fix the mouth-sewed-shut version we witnessed in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but it actually makes consistent jabs at film. At one point, we see an action figure of the Origins version of Deadpool, and later in the film, there is dialogue about Wade being worried someone will sew his mouth shut.

They fixed the Deadpool problem from X-Men Origins: Wolverine in the best way possible - by making fun of it! And let's be honest, FOX sewing Deadpool's mouth shut was probably everyone's biggest problem with the 2009 movie.

'X-Men: Apocalypse'

Cyclops in 'Origins' (left) and 'Apocalypse'(right)
Cyclops in 'Origins' (left) and 'Apocalypse'(right)

The much anticipated X-Men sequel comes out this May and, based on the trailers, it looks really good. The movie shows off the new rebooted X-Men cast during the new timeline that changed after Days of Future Past.

This movie takes place at relatively the same time X-Men Origins: Wolverine took place in the previous timeline. This would most likely eliminate the chances of the events in Origins taking place. How would we know this for sure? Because Cyclops's origins will be seen in X-Men: Apocalypse, whereas in the previous timeline his origin was in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.


Gambit in 'Origins' and art for 'Gambit'
Gambit in 'Origins' and art for 'Gambit'

There has been a lot of secrecy around FOX's attempt at making a solo movie for Gambit. Though we do know that he will be played by heartthrob Channing Tatum, we don't know exactly when the movie will come out anymore. The original release date was in Fall 2016, but it now looks like the movie is being pushed back until 2017 - which really isn't that much of a wait.

This movie will fix another big mistake made in X-Men Origins: Wolverine because it, like Deadpool, will redo a character that was butchered in the 2009 film. Like Deadpool, Gambit was added to the cast of characters in Origins to try to get more people to see it and he, also like Deadpool, was horribly butchered on screen, leaving us with a blank, one dimensional Gambit who only appeared for a couple of minutes. Next year's Gambit film will hopefully fix this and give us the Gambit we deserve.

'The Wolverine 3'

Wolverine in 'Origins' and art for 'Wolverine 3'
Wolverine in 'Origins' and art for 'Wolverine 3'

In addition to Gambit, we will also get the third (and presumably final) Wolverine film. After the trainwreck from seven years ago, many fans may be worried about this movie, but 2013's The Wolverine started to heal those wounds. Hugh Jackman has one final chance to fix the mistakes that were made all those years ago.

Based on recent news, it really looks like The Wolverine 3 will fix the mistakes made in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. How? By bringing us the dark, gritty Wolverine movie we have been waiting for. Sure, the action in Origins was fun, but there was more explosive action than any real action. Next year's Wolverine movie will bring us the Wolverine we've been waiting for and will be the final factor in FOX fixing the mistakes it made back in 2009.

The effects weren't even good...
The effects weren't even good...

The X-Men franchise really did hit a low all those years ago, making fans mad with X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Now, though, it appears as though FOX has finally learned how to make a franchise work and they are doing everything in their power to fix those misatkes.

Will you be able to forgive FOX for 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine'? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!


Which upcoming 'X-Men' movie are you most excited for?


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