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[Warning: This post may contain potential spoilers from the latest episodes.]

Okay, we need to talk about this guy.

This guy appeared outta NOWHERE in the end of Episode 13. Who is he exactly? Where did he come from? I have a theory, and it seems quite promising.

Let's start from the beginning.

This guy was shown trapped in Zoom's lair at the end of Episode 13, and was tapping on his glass cubicle in a particular type of pattern. By Episode 14, our hero and the damsel in distress, A.K.A Jesse, finally figure out what the man with the mask is tapping. Using a 5x5 code system, the man seemed to spell out J-A-Y. When Barry asked him if he was talking about Jay Garrick, the man nodded. Barry then proceeded to say that Jay was alive, and back on Earth 1 but the man in the mask seemed to disagree, by shaking his head in refusal. So what was he trying to say about Jay Garrick?

My theory is that the Man in the Iron Mask IS Jay Garrick.

Even Jackie Chan doesn't seem to agree.
Even Jackie Chan doesn't seem to agree.

Hear me out first. My theory goes to say that the man in the iron mask, is Jay Garrick. Not the one on Earth 1.

My name is Jay Garrick... well, not really.
My name is Jay Garrick... well, not really.

Let's lay out the basic facts. Why else would Zoom capture this man? We know Zoom only keeps people whom he needs something from, like he kept Jesse because he needed Wells to take Barry's speed and he kept Barry, well, cause he needed his speed. But why was this man in the mask kept in his lair? Because he needs his speed too. Him being Jay Garrick. I think that the mask has some special ability which inhibits Garrick's speed just like the collar on Geomancer's neck. Also, when Barry phases out of his carbide cell, the man in the iron mask seems to agree almost as if he himself knew this trick. But then who is the man on Earth 1?

I think he's The Rival, A.K.A, Edward Clariss, A.K.A, Jay Garrick's reverse flash.

I think that the guy who is going around acting as "Jay Garrick" is actually, Edward Clariss or more commonly known as, The Rival.

Otherwise, this guy.
Otherwise, this guy.

Okay, for better clarification, let's call the man on Earth 1 "The Rival" and let's call the man in the iron mask "Jay Garrick".

Even The Rival's backstory from the comics matches that of the one being shown on the show. In the comics, Dr. Edward Clariss was a man who attended the same university as Jay Garrick. He believes that he recreated the formula that gave Garrick his speed, and he called it - surprise, surprise - Velocity 9. Even in the comics, the Velocity 9 can only give The Rival temporary speed and he is defeated when it is expended. As The Rival said in the show that he has taken a similar type of formula before, which damages his cells, Caitlin creates the Velocity 9 which not only gives him speed, but also repairs his damaged cells. But why did he come to Earth 1? What does he have to do there?

The Rival was sent to Earth by Zoom, as a plan to report everything that Barry does and whom all he holds dear.

Zoom may not be an intelligent scientist, but he is clever, and fast (reaaaaaally fast.) I think that in the TV show, The Rival is a twin of Jay Garrick. Being a jealous twin, The Rival also wanted speed like his twin. So he started creating formulas to help him acquire speed. They seemed to do so, but they also damaged his cells. Whenever Garrick couldn't save his city, his twin seemed to take the formula and speed off. But this twin had either an evil side or he was terrified of Zoom. Zoom captured Garrick, put a mask on him (which may have been designed to disable Zoom's speed.) and sped off to find The Rival. The Rival went to Earth 1 and kept track of Barry and reported everything to Zoom from there.

So, to sum it all up, Jay Garrick on Earth 1 isn't who he seems to be. To find out who he is in detail, we'll just have to watch the show furthermore :D


Do you think The Man in The Iron Mask is the real Jay Garrick?


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