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I've watched almost every movie Which are worth watching, Except for some classic ones.
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Honestly, I want to see DC take some risks. With DC movies so far, it's just Superman and Batman with a sprinkling of other characters (GL, Catwoman). Marvel has taken risks, producing good movies, bad movies, great movies, and crap movies. At the end of the day, we have about 35+ films based on Marvel characters we can criticize, rip apart, love, and admire, but at least we have them. We've got an Ant-Man movie for crying out loud, but we don't have a Wonder Woman movie? Or the Flash? Or Aquaman? Or Teen Titans?

Since he DCEU is heavily dependent on the success of 2016, we'll have to wait and see how those films do, before we can really talk about DC taking on Marvel.

But, DC is playing forced catch up. They announced 7 sequels a few months ago while the MCU continues to have success success with B-Level heroes that are getting decent reviews.

So here's what DC should do

1. Introduce Stronger Villains

The greatest strength of the DC villains is that they’ve always mirrored the ugly sides of their heroes. Future films should portray villains that show what the hero could become if they became evil, much like Man of Steel did with General Zod (yes, It was a good start). The Joker, Lex Luthor and Harley Quinn are beloved by the DC fans, and will need to be truly menacing to help uplifting this new universe.

2. Do not rush with the movies

Seriously don't rush with the movies just to catch up to Marvel. Although they're in the lead now, rushing the films will not give fans what they deserve, and it won't help DC in anyway.

3. Take Risks

Look, as a comic book fan, all I've ever wanted to see is WB/DC try. I've seen more Marvel C and D list characters in films than I can shake a stick at. Ghost Rider for crying out loud, not once, but twice. Can you just make a little more of an effort, DC/WB ? please? It finally seems like we've got it with BvS and Suicide Squad.

But I wonder, if the films don't get warm reviews and if critics don't scream "Uh oh Marvel, ya better watch out!" will WB panic and pull the plug before this even get started?

4. Make R rated Movies

In an interview with Collider, Roven said

"We really want to make these films tonally consistent," Roven explained, though he added the caveat that an R is not entirely out of the question in the future.

But when will we really be in that future ?

Deadpool scores highest ever opening for an R-rated film, is it the light of hope for more R rated superhero movies?

5. Fans need to chill out

And seriously fans need to calm the f down, putting together a cohesive DCEU is extremely difficult, but it's a work in progress, and Marvel experienced more than a few bumps along the way. (Just for the moment try and enjoy DC's TV shows Arrow or Flash maybe...)


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