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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
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So. It's finally over, and as promised, a review. Obviously I won't stop here. And if you haven't watched it, please do, and form an opinion for yourself, then come back and see if you agreed with me.

If you said to me in 2012, that I'd be watching a kids show, I would have probably agreed. But as I lost my cartoon channels, due to over-bearing family members, who are technically fascists, of childhood mainly. But I guess that only fueled my need of my childhood again.

I found Gravity Falls through a friend, but I also actually heard it before on the Disney XD channel. Now here's something weird for you guys to ponder, in America, I know that Gravity Falls originated on the Disney Channel, and as Disney decided to have another channel, called Disney XD, it moved Gravity Falls there, to accommodate it's ever growing fan bases and it's target demographic, however here in Malaysia, it was the opposite. It was on Disney XD, and then, we moved it back into our Disney Channel, and that's obviously very odd. But, I digress.

This show means a lot to me because of it's identity and it's personality and it's characters.

I think the only thing I'll nitpick about is the finale, as I did have some small issues there, but if that's the only thing that I find issue with, kudos to Alex still. I mean he's definitely moving on to bigger things and Fox is pretty good, I mean they technically have a show on the devil and if Alex could maybe get some ideas from that, that'd be phenomenal, maybe a crossover or something with his new show and Lucifer.

It's also important to note that, this show has culminated fan bases from all over the world and of all ages, and I think Alex Hirsch is proud of his testament that he can say that he went on a crazy ride, and decided to let the fans take it with him, and we enjoyed it all the way.

But alright, alright enough stalling, it's just that I'll miss this show so much, and I hope I get to see Alex Hirsch's work only get better in the future( Haha, no pressure dude - Soos).

So what do I have to say that everybody hasn't already said? Well I'll be the first to admit that I watched the finale three times, and cried twice, out of the three times. I've watched the whole series I think at least five times, before the finale came out, and I just have to say that Alex was absolutely right when he talked about Stan and his wax figure, and how that all combined together and I thought that was very touching and a smart thing to do. It's obvious that I enjoy it and others enjoy it to. I'd say that I compared it to Adventure Time a few times just because it gave me those vibes, like Mcguket using the forgetting gun on himself kinda mirrors Ice King and his crown. And definitely Niki Yang as Candy, the first time I heard that voice I was like damn that voice was familiar and I decided to look it up and there it was, Rainicorn and B.M.O on her M.O as well,and woof, a lot of other celebrity voices in there as well I mean Castle(Nathan Fillion) as Mr. Northwest/Preston Northwest, Larry King, Neil deGraseTyson, Louis C.K, Jon Stewart, and many others.

Heck, he even let his sister voice on the show, as a loving gift with the most generic band in the world; Sev'ral Timez, whom confirm our theories though, that they're all clones, but hold on, doesn't Disney technically own the Jonas Brothers?(Illuminati?/Bill?), but eh, they broke up so maybe Disney gave it a pass because of that.

Well, there's not much else but to dive right into the finale isn't there?

But you know what? I'll definitely compare season 1's finale and season 2's, now before you go all ape shit and say, hey season 1 was brighter and peppier and season 2 is like preparation for the outside world for Mabel and Dipper, and I totally agree. I'm just comparing it, because there is the story arc from season 1 to season two, and how season 1 did it's transition, compared to the transition of season two.

Season 1 was definitely setting up a lot of things and Gideon being the main villain and him wanting to take down the shack is all due to the fact that, him and Stand have an unquenchable rivalry, and Bill Cipher makes his first appearance as he helps Gideon achieve his end of the bargain.
But as we enter season 2 we start to learn more things, we start to come to the end of the summer.

There's lots of debating about what happened and if the Rise Of Bill Cipher;yeah that's right I stole the season 1's finale title and paraphrased it, and all of the people saying that it was Dipper's fault or Mabel's fault or Ford's fault up till there was a clear split between the fandom as to pin point the cause of Weirdmageddon. But this is all more of a prophecy,as we go back into season 1, we can see Stan stocking up for the apocalypse, you could say, oh that's just a funny little tit bit but for me I recognize it as something more, and Stan knew something more as well, and after everything else happened I understood more, I think after reading Journal #3, he knew that something was going to happen if he flipped on the portal and with the remaining books, that he finally gathered after the season 1 finale, he learned more, but was determined to bring back his brother. So technically, Stan has a role to play as well, but that's the thing. It's all just roles.

It's like Bill said himself, they all have the power to take him down or at least the ones on the Cipher wheel but because of selfishness and ego and unresolved issues, it turned against them, but just like in Avatar:The Last Airbender, there is always a way for good to win against evil and in this case it was the memory gun.
Now don't get me wrong the finale was awesome I cried, but here's the scene I had a problem with and it's a very small problem(please don't kill me for this), but, I actually thought.... Ready?

I actually thought that it would be better if Stan hadn't gained his memory so fast, I mean that's a little hard to believe even for this show and I thought that it was a little smarter than that, but I get it, it's the time constraint and the studio constraint as well, hell, it being Disney, I was surprised half of what Alex showed in the finale itself passed through with flying colors. It's almost Disney was scared of the fandom if they didn't let the finale through(coincidence? I think not.)

But yeah that's the only thing I found hard to swallow. I enjoyed Bill's number. I cried when I thought Grunkle Stan lost his memory and that kinda like representation of him burning in the flames was a pretty cool touch. I loved the art in this, the shades and everything. Man I found Bill's design in three dimensions to be a little weird, like it felt a little out of place there. I liked the scrapbook at the end. And I know the Internet already made the joke of like Wendy righting in the paper like Sex? Like a little troll nod there, but I really thought that maybe like Wendy slipped him a little extra just to make sure that he remembers her kinda like a friendly gesture. It needn't be sexual, like just a picture of herself and him or something like that.

Or it needn't even be of Wendy. Pacifica could have done it too. Maybe. And no, Dipifica was not canon, but DurBlubs, is technically canon, seeing how LGBT laws are pretty fresh it's cool to see Alex do something but not too extreme, just kinda nudging towards that they're gay but leaving it subtle enough for Disney to deny in case LGBT laws are retracted and just be like, hey my friend says that to me every day and that's not gay. Not that there's anything wrong with being gay, it's just there's too many idiots out there who would just be unaccepting of someones lifestyle choice.

But I guess that's just me, and to be honest, I await Alex's new show, and also Samurai Jack's return. But mainly Alex's new show. And hey, maybe we'll find out Dipper's real name when he decides to come back to a familiar place, because the note did say, See You Next Summer.


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