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The day that I published my Deadpool review, I got invited to go see Hail, Caesar! and once again, I didn’t get the opportunity to preemptively compose the intro to a review. So I guess I’ll start this off by saying that Hail, Caesar! was really good.

Cinematography is about as good as you would expect. There’s a sort of yellowness to the whole film that makes it feel very old-timey and Classical Hollywood-ey. Am I the only one who tends to imagine the whole time period as that color? As a whole, there’s a sort of softness to the whole thing that is very characteristic of classical Hollywood films, and it looks good.

Going into this movie, I was kind of excited but also a little skeptical. The trailer seemed to imply that it was romanticizing the studio system, as so many have done before it. But Hail, Caesar! both romanticizes AND calls out the studio system on its bullshit, as well as stuff that is genuinely hilarious, but only if you know your film history.

The film’s own plot is kind of threadbare, and as a whole is padded by little vignette pieces, like the Channing Tatum tap-dancing number that you’ve heard so much about, that pay tribute to the days of classical Hollywood. I, for one, love it, because I had to take two semesters of that shit and understand the significance. Heck, I can name some specific directors that are being called out.

But I can totally understand why someone wouldn’t enjoy this movie. The film’s main plot thread is heavily reliant on some serious film history trivia, and to those who don’t understand it, the resolution may seem a little forced and deus-ex-machina-ey.

2016 is off to a strong start with Hail, Caesar! It’s definitely worth your time if you know a lot about movies, but if you don’t, maybe go into the theater with a grain of salt.



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