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We live in the age of superheroes, where people of all ages wear capes and masks and proudly bear their heroes crest on their chests. We are all fans and dreamers of impossible dreams (yes I quoted Doctor Who), but some people took their love a step further. These people didn't just dream, these people, who we call sidekicks, went that extra mile to stand proudly besides their heroes. These fans were not happy just watching their heroes, they rose above all the other fans and claimed their rightful spot besides the stars.

It is these sidekicks that are the stars of this article. The DC universe is known for having quite the collection of superhero youngsters mentored by the great heroes and with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and so many other DC heroes hitting the big screen in a few months and Green Arrow's Arsenal and Speedy already entertaining fans on the small screen I think these sidekicks also deserve to enter the Hall of Fame.


  • Name: Robin
  • Secret Identity: Richard Grayson
  • Mentor: Batman

Fun Facts: By far one of the most popular sidekicks, Robin the Boy Wonder hasn't appeared on the big screen in all his crimson glory for quite some time and I think it's about time he makes a reappearance. For many years he fought alongside the famous Batman until the two finally parted ways and Robin, no longer a mere boy, took up the new name of Nightwing.


  • Name: Batgirl
  • Secret Identity: Barbara Gordon
  • Mentor: Batman

Fun Facts: A while back I dedicated a whole article to this heroine (which you can read here) but here's the important stuff. She was unwillingly taken up as a sidekick by the mighty Batman. After many years of heroics, fighting beside him and Robin (who she would eventually become engaged to), she was paralyzed from the waist down by the Joker. However her heroics didn't end there as, following the accident, she joined the Birds of Prey and took on the new identity of 'Oracle'.


  • Name: Aqualad
  • Secret Identity: Garth
  • Mentor: Aquaman

Fun Facts: A son of underwater royalty, he was initially thought to be genetically inferior due to his purple eyes. Because of this he was banished only to eventually team-up to fight besides Aquaman and save Atlantis.


  • Name: Aquagirl
  • Secret Identity: Lorena Marquez
  • Mentor: Aquaman

Fun Facts: Lorena and Aquaman's first encounter was quite unexpected when her home was destroyed by an earthquake. Lorena lost her whole family in the incident while she herself was seriously injured. It had been Aquaman who nursed her back to health and it was during this time that Lorena discovered ways she could breath underwater thus triggering the formation of the underwater dynamic duo.

Kid Flash

  • Name: Kid Flash
  • Secret Identity: Wally West
  • Mentor: The Flash

Fun Facts: Berry Allan's (The Flash) nephew had always been a fan of the Flash but upon stumbling onto his uncle's scientific notes he found a way of replicating the accident that gave Berry his speed. The plan worked but Wally was seriously injured. Feeling guilty for being the cause of Wally's injuries the Flash pulled him under his wing. The two speedsters, being so closely related share one of the most natural and not broody relationships in DC (yes, we are looking at you, Batman)

Hopeful Point: With The Flash currently airing on TV and Wally West only recently making an appearance as Iris West's brother rather then nephew fans can only hope that events may lead to the appearance of Kid Flash.

Wonder Girl

  • Name: Wonder Girl
  • Secret Identity: Donna Troy
  • Mentor: Wonder Woman

Fun Facts: Although Wonder Woman herself was the first Wonder Girl, Donna followed in her footsteps and became her sidekick and became one of the founding members of the famous Teen Titans.

Sad Note: With Wonder Woman only just now making an appearance on the big screen we might have quite a long time to wait before we can even hope to hear any mention of Donna.

So there you go, six super fans that went that extra mile to live their dream and fight alongside their heroes. I hope these sidekicks, may someday rise to the level of our stars.


Which Sidekick would you like to see?


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