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Warning! Spoiler alert for the recent episode of The Flash, "Escape from Earth 2"

Many people have this idea that the man in the mask in zoom's prison is either Wallie West or Jay Garic...but I would have to disagree with the Jay theory though, for 2 reasons:

1. The man in the mask is dark skinned, you can see his hands and neck (my second reason will support this statement why Jay can't be dark skined)

2. In Earth 2's Wells's flashback, when he thought about Jay confronting him about being responsible for the creation of the meta humans, he saw Jay as the Jay we saw in the show so far. He knows that Jay as Jay.

Now, I know some think that the man in the mask is Jay and the Jay we met is a twin or something, but the person in the mask definitely has dark skin, which implies that is could not be Jay Garic!

Again, this is still my theory not fact, and I am pretty confident in it, but as always, feel free to comment your ideas in the comments and thanks for reading!


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