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Adam Pinkman

i guess you're all familiar with the "TRAITOR" scene from Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens, well i thought i could step up my game, and i try to create it inside GTA V, which i usually do on my Youtube channel.

Now of course it's a bit challenging knowing that i had to create a First order Storm Trooper mod and every shot in the video was green screened...which means pretty much 80% of the video is VFX.

Shot layers :

The majestic TR-R8 spin is not in the video, which is the whole point of the scene.

I had to dig through 20000 character animations in gta 5 to find something similar to the TR-R8 spin, and of course i didn't find any, in fact i tried to make an animated CGI trooper that does the spin just for that single shot, but it was too much work and i decided to go with the simple approach...

However there's a funny twist at the end.


What would you like to see recreated in GTA V? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!


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