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As the second season of Daredevil slowly approaches, Netflix is ramping up its promotion and making it hard as hell for us to wait.

So far, we've met The Punisher (Jon Bernthal), who will not only challenge Matt Murdock to some brutal fight scenes, but also provide a moral foil when it comes to crimefighting. The Punisher is definitely not here to keep people alive, so what happens when these two come face to face on the streets of Hell's Kitchen?

If this short new trailer is any indicator, Daredevil is going to get all tied up.

Check out the latest promo for Season 2

I'm suddenly reminded that we'll be seeing way more of this red-and-black suit, and I'm surprised how much I miss that minimalist black one.

Netflix also released a corresponding poster similar to this particular spot.

The upcoming season will also introduce us to Elektra (Elodie Yung), so you better believe I'll be binging this straight through the weekend.

'Daredevil' Season 2 returns to Netflix on Friday, March 18!

(Source: Deadline)


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