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If you saw the most recent episode of The Flash then you laughed when Barry hated the fact of him climbing ice, you got excited when Killer Frost became um... Nice Girl Frost? And you cried when Zoom stuck his hand into Barry's earth and killed Jay. But who is Zoom? There have been many conspiracies about who Zoom is. There have been evidence to support each one, but who out of everyone in the show, is Zoom? Here is the list I have compiled about who Zoom could possibly be.

Jay Garrick

I know what you may be thinking, how could Jay possibly be Zoom? Zoom is the person that killed Jay. But really think about the situation. You have never seen Jay and Zoom together except for when the rest of the team is with him. Now you may be saying, Zoom still killed Jay. He could stage it. Zoom is faster than The Reverse Flash, and Jay could have made the copy of himself, act like he was killed and then make some sort of comeback and try to kill Barry. Or Zoom can you know... help Barry and they all live happily ever after. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

Eddie Thawn

Wait wait, I'm talking about Earth Two Eddie. Don't freak out. The only doppelganger that has not been shown is Eddie or Wally West. But the reason it could not be Wally is because Wally still in the other town.


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