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Watching movies can be BREATHTAKING, but making movies can be WORLDTAKING.

I am not a big fan of TV series, especially when I've seen something same or the original version of it. I thought like this... before. Before I started to get obsessed, or how we (fans) say SHERLOCKED with "Sherlock".

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock
Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock

At first, when the world went crazy on Benedict and Martin Freeman aka Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, I was trying hard not to get under that influence, because in my mind there was only one Sherlock- Vasily Livanov, made by Soviet television. From my childhood I got a vision of him and it was kinda of stereotype not only for me, but also for my parents. But imagine what? I got addicted from the first seconds.

If Holmes really existed in 21st century, he definitely would look, act, talk like Benedict and his character. Sharp-minded, pretty handsome man or... an otter? Anyway... Have you seen the second episode of 3rd season? "The Sign of Three". I am talking about Cumberbatch in suit and tie... YES, PLEASE! And now seriously. I am talking about him giving the best man speech. The way screenwriter and director connected the main idea of the episode with nooot the best best man's speech.

One and huge minus of this serial is that every episode goes out after years! And I am not joking. If you are NOT patient, then don't even start to watch it. The biggest teaser on this planet is not Mr Grey. It is Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat- people who gave us this masterpiece!

Lets talk about characters:

Sherlock Holmes. He is presented to us as a weird introvert, who can tell what you've eaten on breakfast 2 years ago by only looking at the nail on your right hand. Of course, I wrote it in bright colors, but generally its a fact. Holmes has a brilliant brain and can control his memory, making her to keep only those details that are important. He created a whole new world in his head, where he can find an answer on every (almost every) question and a clue to every quiz. And... What helps him to do that? Right- drugs.

John Watson. I think many of us has a friend who is extra crazy and needs us, even if he/she doesn't show it. Well, this crazy friend is Sherlock, and John is the one who always will be by his side and support his crazy life. Who will listen to him, even if he is not in the same city (fans will understand), the one who can understand him, and thats important. Martin Freeman was an amazing choice for this role.

Martin Freeman as John Watson, "Sherlock"
Martin Freeman as John Watson, "Sherlock"

Mrs Hudson. Eccentric woman, who keeps the nest of our heroes. If you think that her character is not important- you are terribly wrong. It may be not as big as Holmes or Watson, but her place is as significant as taste of nuts in nutella.

I bet you didn't think about love connection between Mrs Hudson and Sherlock?
I bet you didn't think about love connection between Mrs Hudson and Sherlock?

Jim Moriarty. Every hero must have a villain to fight against. Our serial hero is not an exception. Jim Moriarty is like a Joker in Batman movie series: crazy genius who is having fun playing with his victim. But thing that brings that spicy flavor in his dish is the fact that Holmes is not an ordinary person, who can be fooled. Brain of Sherlock demands a very good plan with witty riddles that are hard to solve. And Moriarty gives him what he wants. The harder it gets- the funnier it is to play. I think this is the motto of Jim. Be prepared for the greatest opposition of 2 geniuses!

The whole series are accompanied with a great music by David Arnold and Michael Price. It feels like you can even smell that London's air by beautiful sounds of violin. If it was absent, movie wouldn't be so amazing. It may seems a little bit irritating in those scenes, where Holmes is playing by himself, but from my point of view, his manner of playing only shows us his feelings, which can't be expressed in other way. Those harsh strings of gentle instrument can be compared to Sherlock. Rough exterior with delicate interior.

Visual effects of "Sherlock" are not as important as in "Avengers" for example. But they are fitting in so perfectly, that sometimes you may be confused about their realism. For example:

In first episode- "A Study in Pink", when Holmes tries to figure out the shortest way through London's streets, we see a map that he creates in his mind. It was made not without computer technologies help, but for me it was so unobtrusively, that it seems like a normal phenomenon in out life- to create a map from nothing.

In fine, I want to invite you in the whole new world. Because after watching this, you won't look at the things as you did before. You will discover a secret Sherlock that lives in each of us. You will try to pull him out and be as extraordinary as Holmes was. You will try to act like him, talk like him, walk like him, dress like him, be him!
P.S. I already ordered a coat like Sherlock was wearing... Yes, I am normal.



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