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If you have spotted Wrinkles, report your sightings here, he's out there!!
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Have you ever called Wrinkles The Clown? If so you might just hear yourself on this new soundcloud page. Wrinkles gets at least 100 calls a day and about a quarter of those people end up leaving voicemails. Once a day Wrinkles listens to his voicemails and tries to weed out the real calls from the prank calls.

As most of you know we are smack dab in the middle of a kickstarter, trying to raise funds for a film on Wrinkles The Clown. If you haven't pledged yet please help us out, we really want to make this film! PLEDGE HERE

Lately everyone wants to know more about Wrinkles, but we can’t let all the cats out of the bag… that is what the film is for! So in the meantime, we thought it would be funny to share some of these random voicemails with you guys. We hooked our zoom mic up to his headphone jack and let her rip… and let me tell you, we got some real gems!

From today until the end of the Kickstarter Campaign (March 4, 2016) we will randomly add voicemails to the soundcloud page, so make sure to come back often and check for updates! If you do end up calling Wrinkles, there is a chance you might end up on this list, so keep it classy, and if you can't keep it classy at least keep it funny!

"We coming for yo ass, fuck clowns bruh. This is your boy D wit dat glock"

How do people get Wrinkles number? Well his sticker is in some pretty choice places. From the back of ice cream trucks' to the men's bathroom, you never know where you are going to bump into one of his stickers. It's really funny to hear the stark contrast between callers. People from Canada seem to be really friendly and pleasant, unlike the majority of Americans who's first instinct is to be a jerk and threaten killing. I think Wrinkles should start wearing a bullet proof vest effective immediately!

Found on the back of an ice-cream truck in Naples
Found on the back of an ice-cream truck in Naples
"If you could give me a call back and spook me, that would be splendid"


Have You Ever Called Wrinkles The Clown?


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