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This article contains spoilers for The Walking Dead, season six episode nine 'No Way Out'. You've been warned.

It was confirmed, denied, and speculated so many times that we wondered if it was really going to happen. The TV show has mostly followed the narrative of the comic books, but it also throws in a lot of shocks and surprises. Before we discuss that thing that happened, let's just take a look at what made this particular episode so good.

The episode was well-written and it included all the things we'd hoped it would. Our favourite characters were guaranteed a brief safety again, and there were plenty of resourceful and gory Walker kills.

The way that Negan's men were dealt with was particularly interesting. Sasha and Abraham's fates were all but sealed, before Daryl intervened- we should've guessed. Most fans expected the heroes to have serious trouble with the bikers, perhaps even encountering Negan himself. However, they were dealt with quickly and efficiently, leaving us to wonder how the Alexandrians and Rick's group are going to encounter Negan in the future

One of the most unexpected parts of the episode was when Carol killed the Wolf who had Denise captive. After the Wolf had apparently gained a moral conscience and saved Denise's life, it was surprising to see Carol ruthlessly cut him down. It was completely unexpected, merciless and brutal; everything we enjoy in The Walking Dead.

After waiting for six weeks for confirmation on Glenn's fate, it seemed as though the writers would really be cruel enough to kill him off. In order to save his pregnant wife, Glenn made himself a target for the Walkers and was quickly surrounded. There would've been no more Glenn, if not for the timely arrival of Daryl, Sasha and Abraham. It seems as though the writers are having fun tempting Glenn's fate.

And finally, the event that has been in the air for months now. In the comic books, Carl gets shot in the eye and becomes half blind, and fans have been wondering if the writers will put that into the show. One of the biggest arguments against it was that the CGI used to recreate an exploded eyeball would be too expensive.

It wasn't like they just decided to pop Carl's eye - there was a slow building tension as Sam had a breakdown as the group walked through a horde of Walkers. Then (another colossal surprise) he was ripped to pieces by a horde of Walkers! In shock, and refusing to let go of her dying son, Jessie quickly followed suit, being dragged under the horde.

However, as Jessie was eaten by Walkers, she gripped tightly on to Carl's hand, threatening to pull him down with her. Panicking at the thought of losing his son, Rick then chops off her arm with an axe. Carl is pulled free and for a moment, it seems as though the remaining survivors will be able to just run to safety. Then, just as we were starting to calm down, Ron (Jessie's older son) pulled a gun on Rick and Carl, angry and grieving after losing his whole family.

As he pulled the trigger, however, Michonne (who was stood behind him) impaled him with her infamous katana, skewing the teenager and killing him without mercy. It was too late, though, and Carl turned around to show his dad that his right eye was no more than a bloody mess.

Rick and Michonne rushed to get Carl to the infirmary, but perhaps the scariest thing about this scene was the look on both of their faces as they feared Carl's death. Michonne was cutting through Walkers like cheese to clear a path for Rick, and Rick himself was equally terrified and angry.

Although the end of the episode suggested that Carl would be okay, minus an eye, this was definitely shocking and worrying for viewers. Like with Glenn's fate earlier in the season, nobody really knew if it was going to happen or not, and this made it all the more shocking.

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