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So while doing my usual perusing of the internet, I happen across a fan trailer. In this day and age, we live in a time where general users have access to editing and effects software that larger studios have access to. This means that anyone that has a stellar idea can produce some amazing quality content for our eyes to behold. And in this case, Editor, Tyler Hopkins has delivered a gem for us all.

Before I continue, take a gander at this Prequel trailer that Tyler put together titled 1.21 Gigawatts:

Just... wow. Okay, listen. I'm as big a Back To The Future fan as they come. I sat in my local theater recently to watch the Trilogy marathon on October 21, 2015. Future day. And I'm also one of those of the BTTF fan community that feels that the Trilogy should remain just that, a Trilogy. It's lightning in a bottle, if you will (pun completely intended). I feel that the Trilogy should be preserved exactly the way it is as part of our history and heritage.

Don't forget to take a flier!
Don't forget to take a flier!

But what Tyler put together her made up of clips of not only BTTF but Back to the Future, My Favorite Martian, Camp Nowhere, Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead, Dennis the Menace, Zero Dark Thirty, Argo, The Sum of All Fears, Syriana, Iron Man, Dazed and Confused and Munich. The creativity and the story narrative not only fits, but it makes me kinda wish I'd break my rule of No More Back to the Future stories.

The Libyans in the first movie were one note. Sure they were an extremely integral part of the story at the beginning and at the end. But what this fan trailer brings to the table is espionage, Doc's obsession, and almost a taste of a heist film. This is brilliantly done.

What also makes me a little sad is seeing a young Christopher Lloyd and realizing that he would have been perfect in a movie like this trailer proposed. What do you think about this one?


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