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Satoru final prevents Kayo's kidnapping! But did he change it for the better?

We pick up from last week where Satoru makes eye contact with his villain but at that moment decided to quickly go back in time one more time to fix the situation permanently!

He goes back to the day at the science museum and once again spend the day with Kayo, there are little subtle differences going on but nothing to dramatic. The one change of note was that his friend Kenya confronts Satoru about his recent personality change. He is able to play it off, but Kenya wants to help him out with trying to save Hinazuki. They come up with a plan to falsely kidnap her in order to protect from during the date of the day she goes missing.

Satoru even goes out of his way to make sure the Yuuki has an alibi from the police by throwing a rock in his homes window. He then begins to follow Hinazuki's mother but Kenya stops him before he can do anything.

When the day comes of Kayo's disappearance nothing really happens. No phone call from her mother and even the teacher doesn't make much of it. Satoru gets his friends involved in the kidnapping as they wait for time to pass so they can get the attention of the police. Things are starting to look up a bit, until the last moment in the episode where a mysterious person is walking into Kayo's hiding place, she wakes up and notices leaving the episode on a cliffhanger until next week.

I liked this episode but I do have to acknowledge that there were a tone of dumb stuff that happened. I don't know if it on purpose on Satoru's part because it is like he is making irrational decisions without thinking them through all the way. He hides Kayo in a save place for one night, but leaves her alone for a good chunk of the time, it is explained so he can sneak out, but why couldn't he have just included his mom in some capacity in the first place?

Also they couldn't have made it more obvious that there is something suspicious about the teacher. Even to go so far as to give visual ques that something is off about him. Do I think he was the person at the end of the episode? No, I have a feeling it will be Kayo's mother. Unless its the killer. Then it will probably be the teacher... Also wasn't there a moment in episode 2 where it shows Kenya and the teacher were secreting talking??? That would explain why he is so interested in helping Satoru so much in this episode.

I do like this timeline much more than the future one and I hope we stay here for a while longer until everything is fixed.

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