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The Big Bang Theory first popped on our radar in May 2006 with its unaired pilot, and now, nearly 10 years later, the show is celebrating its 200th episode!

"The Celebration Experimentation" marks the 17th episode of Season 9, and thankfully The Big Bang Theory is kind enough to let us nerd out to these promo photos before the episode is scheduled to air on February 25.

Sheldon is here, meaning it's time to start the party.

Penny is rocking that blue frock. How gorgeous!

Whoever was responsible for the decorations did a top-notch job. And take a look at all those presents!

Amy, Leonard and Penny have a serious chat in the hallway.

Nothing says nerd like decorating the walls of your apartment with killer poster art.

Penny and Sheldon have a D&M in the most private of all spaces: the bathroom.

February 25 can't come soon enough. Congratulations to the cast of The Big Bang Theory for hitting your 200th episode. And I notice a Season 10 is already in the works!

[Source: Spoiler TV]


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